LilRedKA (firefox1490) wrote in comment_fic,

Thursday - Failures

Sup everyone, still firefox1490 ending my round of hosting duties. Ending out my duties with some less than happy decisions and/or outcomes, today's theme is:

Failures, you know that thing you were suppose to do that ended up being a total FUBAR. Failures are failures no matter how big or small. The real question is do we regret them.

Please forget the rules:
* Three prompts per fandom, and no more than five total. If one of your prompts is filled, you may post another.
* No spoilers for new shows/seasons until at least one week after airing.
* If your fill do contains spoilers, please warn accordingly and leave enough space for people to pass by.

To help the hardworking codemonekys please format your prompts as such:

Inception, Arthur, How he missed that Fisher was militarized was eating him up on the inside.
House MD, Wilson, Three ex wives, two dead girlfriends and enough UST to choke on with his best friend, where did he go wrong?
Sailor Moon, Usagi, It wasn't suppose to be this way.

If nothing strikes your fancy feel free to check out the lonely prompts, they always need a bit more love.

[tag: failures]

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