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Keskiviikko - Rare Pairings

Today we shall commit ourselves to the one of the less followed objectives of our community; the finding of new and strange fandoms and pairing. Do you have a secret OTP that no-one ever writes about? Come here and be bold, there is nothing to be ashamed about. Perhaps someone else knows it. The rarest of pairings can produce the most memorable fics for one reason or the other. Do I need to pull the example of Pikachu/Voldemort BDSM?

I suggest we specify rare to mean pairings that are rare in comment_fic. So if you're not very familiar with the community, peep at the indexes and Lonely Prompts to see what's the norm around here. Use your own judgement.

This will be a suicidal day for our most wonderful code monkeys and llama without the help of incorrect prompting. Therefore, put one prompt per comment, answer any and as many as you possibly can. And if you bunny yourself, don't be afraid to answer your own prompt. If it's hot and smutty you might bring new friends to the fandom.

-Star Trek, Kirk/Spock, knowing your place
-Watchmen, Roschach/Comedian, truth is painful
-Merlin/Temeraire, The Great Dragon/Temeraire, years

All Leverage, SPN and Stargate shippers that need their daily supply should wander to the Lonely Prompts, there are heaps of prompts there. Unless you find a new angle to them. *--*

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