Tiptoe39 (tiptoe39) wrote in comment_fic,

Kayobi - Prompt is the Last Line

Hello! I'm still tiptoe39 and I am still stoked to be your host for comment_fic this week.

Yesterday we got some first lines to work off of, because sometimes you just need a place to start. But sometimes the problem is the opposite - you've got an opening, but where do you end it? So today let's give our writers a last line and see how they get there.

As always, obey the rules:

  • Three prompts per fandom, and no more than five total. If one of your prompts is filled, you may post another.
  • No spoilers for new shows/seasons until at least one week after airing.
  • If your fill contains spoilers, please warn for it and leave enough space for people to pass by.

Feed the overworked codemonkeys correctly formatted prompts:

  • Merlin, Merlin/Arthur, Blushing, he said sheepishly, "Maybe sometimes."
  • Supernatural, author's choice, They didn't have any trouble getting to sleep after that.
  • Torchwood/Firefly, Jack/Mal, "I'll drink to that."

If you don't see a safe landing for your flight of fancy today, head back to our Lonely Prompts and see where they take you.


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