Gina Marie (sycophantastic) wrote in comment_fic,
Gina Marie

Monday: Fluff/Schmoop

Hello all. sycophantastic here, your guest host for the week. I'm real happy to be back & I'm sure it's gonna be just as fun as last time. :)

As I think most of us are aware, this isn't just any old Monday. In case you've forgotten about February 14th, here's a reminder - Happy Valentine's Day! Given the occasion, I figured we'd start with the theme of Fluff/Schmoop. Feel like something light-hearted? Something full of True Love™? A first date? A first kiss? Today's the day! Anything fun & sweet is what we're going for.

Please keep these rules in mind:
  • Only three prompts for the same fandom & only five prompts in a row (though if one of your prompts is filled, you can prompt again).
  • No spoilers in your prompts for at least a week after the airdate/release.
  • Warn for any spoilers for your fic in bold and leave at least three spaces before the text.
Prompt formatting examples (because proper formatting for the code monkeys is good manners):
  • Supernatural, Dean/Castiel, How to Woo Dean Winchester (Hunter, Righteous Man, Occasional Assbutt) by Castiel
  • Hawaii Five-0, Steve/Danny + Chin + Kono, Danny gives everyone on the team a home-made red-&-pink-construction-paper Valentine
  • Merlin, Arthur/Merlin, he's not sure why Arthur brought him (& only him) along on this "quest"... or why Arthur brought a blanket & a basket full of food
Nothing grab your interest? That's alright, there are plenty of Lonely Prompts out there. Feel free to check 'em out.

And that's your cue. Have at it!


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