Gina Marie (sycophantastic) wrote in comment_fic,
Gina Marie

Wednesday: Characters Gone Wild

Hey all. It's me again, back for my third day of guest hosting. *waves*

Today's theme is Characters Gone Wild. Yesterday was more of a "how will they realistically react when they reach their breaking point" theme. Today is a "lose inhibitions / do all the things they've always wanted to do" theme. Or heck, maybe they're doing things they never even dreamed of doing. Mind you, it doesn't have to be all about adrenaline-pumping stuff like cliff diving & finally hooking up with that cute guy they know. Maybe it's more of a personal thing, maybe their perception of "wild" is fairly unique. And why are they doing all this, anyway? Who knows! Booze, sex pollen, alien mind control, new laundry detergent, whatever, it's up to you.

Please keep these rules in mind:
  • Only three prompts for the same fandom & only five prompts in a row (though if one of your prompts is filled, you can prompt again).
  • No spoilers in your prompts for at least a week after the airdate/release.
  • Warn for any spoilers for your fic in bold and leave at least three spaces before the text.
Prompt formatting examples (because proper formatting for the code monkeys is good manners):
  • Supernatural, Gabriel/Sam/Jess, college AU, they can't tell if he's drunk or just in an incredibly good mood, but since he's never hit on them with this much enthusiasm & they both really like it, they're not complaining
  • Hawaii Five-0, Danny(/Steve), one day he just... doesn't wear the tie anymore; it's not much of a change, but it's big for him
  • CWRPS, Misha(/any) + any, his idea of wild behavior is acting completely normal ... because that's when they all start to worry
Nothing grab your interest? That's alright, there are plenty of Lonely Prompts out there. Feel free to check 'em out.

Your turn now. Wee!


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