Gina Marie (sycophantastic) wrote in comment_fic,
Gina Marie

Thursday: Fix-It (Correcting Canon)

Hey all. By now you know who I am. Sadly, this'll be my last day guest-hosting. Thanks for having me. :)

Today's theme is Fix-It (or, if you prefer, the "What Should Have Happened in Canon Rather Than What Did Happen" theme). Ever get that feeling of "noooo, no, that's not how it was s'posed to go down"? You're in luck - here's your chance to correct canon. They got it horribly, horribly wrong & now you can help make it right.

Please keep these rules in mind:
  • Only three prompts for the same fandom & only five prompts in a row (though if one of your prompts is filled, you can prompt again).
  • No spoilers in your prompts for at least a week after the airdate/release.
  • Warn for any spoilers for your fic in bold and leave at least three spaces before the text.
Prompt formatting examples (because proper formatting for the code monkeys is good manners):
  • Supernatural, Sam + Castiel (+ or /) Dean, beginning of season 4 - Sam's working up a viable plan to spring Dean out of Hell, Cas shows up to help (or maybe he shows up to say "no that's ok I got this" then ends up helping anyway) & together they save Dean before he breaks
  • Merlin, Arthur/Merlin, the Witchfinder finds real proof that Merlin is a sorcerer, Arthur finds out & stops the Witchfinder from telling Uther, threatens the Witchfinder to leave & then confronts Merlin (happy resolution rather than angst, definitely)
  •  Hawaii Five-0, Steve/Danny, they take their CHiPs debate all the way back to Steve's house where there might be some childish shoving & getting up in each other's faces... & then, you know... (*cough*sex*cough*)
Nothing grab your interest? That's alright, there are plenty of Lonely Prompts out there. Feel free to check 'em out.

Now you. Go. Fix canon!


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