Sooz (cyphersushi) wrote in comment_fic,

Sunday's Adopt-A-Lonely Prompt

And so the weekend is almost over but before we leave it take a moment to maybe give a lost lonely prompt some love... No new prompts will be accepted today, because it's a Lonely Prompt Day.

Feel free to browse our collection of Lonely Prompts. Some were missed, some of them just waiting, all of them good and the people who left them are looking forward to responses for them! So take a look around, in your usual stomping grounds or something new.

Lonely prompts by Genre:
Lonely: Crossovers
Lonely: Action
Lonely: Japanese & Korean Media
Lonely: Comedy
Lonely: Comics
Lonely: Crime
Lonely: Drama
Lonely: Fantasy
Lonely: Games
Lonely: Horror
Lonely: Literature & Plays
Lonely: Medical
Lonely: Mystery
Lonely: Mythology
Lonely: RPF/S
Lonely: SciFi
Lonely: Sports
Lonely: Spy

Happy writing! And stay tuned for new prompts in two days to chase your Monday blues away...

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