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Thursday - Moral Relativism

My name is straydog733, and I hope you have had a good week with me as your host. For my final day, I want to throw out something weighty: Moral Relativism. How do you determine what is right and what is wrong? Are those answers the same no matter the setting or circumstance? Does your morality have to shift to keep up with your changing world? This is the day to talk about it!

Please just remember:

• Only three prompts for the same fandom & only five prompts in a row (though if one of your prompts is filled, you can prompt again).
• No spoilers in your prompts for at least a week after the airdate/release.
• Warn for any spoilers for your fic in bold and leave at least three spaces before the text.
• Take the monkeys into consideration when writing your prompt. If the prompt is too long, it becomes very hard to record it properly in the archive. Fics are also meant to be comment sized! If you get very inspired, that's ok, but long detailed prompts deserve long detailed stories, and that's not what we're about. Thank you!

Also, remember to keep prompts in the correct format. For example:
Animorphs, any, the battlefield can’t seep into the classroom and the hallways are not the places to fight the war
Avatar: The Last Airbender, Zuko and Iroh, how can the world make sense when princes turn into common thieves?
Avatar: The Last Airbender, Aang, just how many of the monk’s principles can he give up to maintain a disguise on the road?

And of course, if you don’t care for any of the prompts you see today, go on over to the Lonely Prompts and see if anything catches your eye.


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