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Carina Scott

Monday - Fantasy

Happy Monday everyone! My name is carinascott and I will be your host for this week. I know it's Monday, and some of us may be suffering from the Monday Morning Back to Work Blues. Well, I can't do too much about that :) BUT I can try to distract you with today's theme: Fantasy.

Be it a sexual fantasy, a fantasy world, whatever you choose, the world is your oyster. So go forth and have fun, and feel free to ignore that paperwork on your desk. Filling prompts is much more fun (however, your Boss might disagree)!

Here's a quick reminder of the rules:
- Only 3 prompts in one fandom.
- Only 5 prompts in a row (but if one of your prompts is filled, feel free to prompt again)
- No spoilers in your prompts for at least a week after the airdate/release.
- Warn for any spoilers in your fic using BOLD text and leave at least three spaces before the text.

And to keep our codemonkeys sane and happy, please remember:
- Prompts and the inspired fics are to be comment sized. If the prompt is too long, it's hard to record properly in the archive. Also, long and detailed prompts usually lead to long and detailed fics. If you get inspired to write something longer, that's ok, please just post a snippet in response to the prompt and a link to where we can find the rest of the fic.

- Adhere to the proper prompt formatting. For example:
Leverage, Eliot/Hardison, He had a recurring fantasy about finding creative ways to shut Hardison up.

Hawaii Five-O, Steve/Danny, It seemed rather vanilla for a cop to have fantasies about being handcuffed to the bed during sex, but with Steve, Danny had learned that nothing was vanilla.

White Collar, Peter/Elizabeth/Neal, Everyone had fantasies, Neal just never expected his to come true.

However, if none of the prompts you see today strike your fancy, hop on over to take a look at the Lonely Prompts and see if anything there catches your eye.


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