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Mod Post & Contest Announcement

Greetings prompters & writers!

It's hard to believe that we've already been open and functioning for almost three months! It's been insane and fun and quite fabulous. We have three hundred and thirty two members, are watched by four hundred and forty-seven and if you've been playing along you have seen some amazing short fic.

I do have some little housekeeping things I'd like to touch on.

1) If you sign up to guest host, please make sure that you have joined the comm. We have limited posting access, and I can not grant you posting access unless you are a member of the comm.
2) If a prompt here inspires something more than comment sized fic, which we all know happens, please feel free to link it in the comment to the prompt, however, we would really appreciate it if you included an excerpt or snippet of the fic, that way everyone gets a taste, and maybe it will bring you new readers.
3) Our code monkeys (and llama) do a fabulous, amazing job in keeping track of all of our fic as well as lonely prompts. They work hard and we give them a lot of work to do. Please join me in thanking them, especially when we've given them 6 pages of prompts/fic to dig through some days.

Okay, that said and done, it's time for the next bit. We, your mod staff (myself, idiosyncratic, badfalcon, monica_catch22 & Head Code Monkey havenward) have decided on a quarterly contest. This contest will be held every three months, the last week of the quarter. The categories will vary at the whims and whimsy of the mod staff.

This quarter, the contest period will be March 22 through March 28. There will be three categories that will win 2 months of paid LJ time. Two of them will be announced, the third is a surprise. Also, the mods may pic prizes to award with graphics, etc.

This months announced categories are:

1) Person who posts the most prompts that get answered.
2) Person who responds to the most prompts with different pairings/fandoms

Winners will be announced sometime the following week, depending on how long it takes us to count everything up.

Sound like fun? I hope so.

I now return you to your regular Sunday Lonely Prompt Adoption.
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