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Wednesday - Disability

Good Morning, afternoon or what time it is for you. I’m sagaluthien, and am your guest host for this week. It will be great to do it again.

I’ve choose my third theme to be Disability. It is a repeat of one I had last time and there is a reason behind it. After last time I learned that some (not necessary from here) thought it was a bad thing to put a disability to the characters. Why I did choose it then, as of now is not to degrade anyone that might have any sort of disability (I have one myself). My thought is more to make knowledge of that is everywhere around us, visible and a lot more invisible are people having a disability. Some work well, or have learned to work in our society and that I want to give a big tribute to. So today’s prompt shall go on how one or more handle life from what they have to come to terms with, either it’s been from birth, accident or sickness, when ever it appeared in life.

Please don’t forget to remember following the rules!
+ No more than five prompts in a row
+ No more than three prompts from a fandom
+ No spoilers until a week after publication/air-date
+ If your prompt is filled then feel free to leave another.

Please use the following format to make things easier for our codemonkeys (second set is for crossovers):
Supernatural, Dean&Sam, Sam became blind from the demon blood
Avatar (2009), Jack Sully, having nightmares from his time in wheelchair

SPN/Awakings, Bobby/Dr Malcolm Sayer, The Dr Malcolm try to get Bobby to understand nothing is over just because he can’t use his legs
Children of a Lesser God/Ten Inch Hero, Sarah Norman/Priestly, falling in love


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