Oroburos69 (oroburos69) wrote in comment_fic,

Feverish Friday

Someone is sick with cold, flu, exhaustion, stress, fever, infections, morning sickness, mental breakdown, zombiness, drugged, detox, mental illness, injuries of any kind, or something even worse (tentacles?). Hopefully not all at once, but I leave that up to you prompters. Get your hurt/comfort hats on! Or not. I mean, it could be dark fic, angst, crack, humor, family, or other, too.

Just please remember to follow the usual rules:

No more than 5 prompts in a row, no more than 3 prompts per fandom. If someone answers your prompt, you may prompt again.

No spoilers in your prompt until 1 week after the original air/publication date. If there are spoilers in your response you must warn in bold and leave at least 3 spaces.

Please remember our diligent code monkeys and format your prompts properly, including an appropriate length. For example:

X-Men, Beast/Gambit, Gambit is sick and maybe hallucinating a tiny bit. Beast makes a house call and is mistaken for Gambit’s teddy bear, Paddington.

Breakout Kings/Mentalist, Lloyd and Jane, Mutual musings on their mental stability or lack thereof.

If you can't find prompts you like today, feel free to check out our Lonely Prompts.

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