Indolent Indifference (tasmin_dvelnahr) wrote in comment_fic,
Indolent Indifference

Alternate History

Today's theme is going to be 'alternate history'.  Ever wonder what it would be like if your favorite character's world was not quite the one  they are used to?  It could be something simple- from just one decision made differently in their own world that changed the course of their lives or it could be something on a wider scale.  

Use today's prompts to put your favorite characters in an altered timeline- either personal or more global. 

To make it easy on our hardworking code monkeys, please format your posts like so:

Castle, Castle/Beckett,  Inspector Rick Castle meets a plucky female reporter, Kate Beckett, who seems to be one step ahead of him on this investigation


Firefly, Mal/Zoe, the Alliance lost


Fringe, William Bell, the dog did hunt

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