...for you are crunchy (cascadewaters) wrote in comment_fic,
...for you are crunchy

Thursday: First Words

Awww, well, my last day for this round, but I'd rather focus on firsts--First Words, that is.

As always, please remember--only three posts per fandom, and five posts per day, unless/until one of yours is answered, in which case you may feel free to post another.

Also, no spoilers in your prompts for at least a week after airing; if your comment fic contains spoilers, please put a warning at the top and leave several spaces so that those of us who don't like being spoiled can safely pass.

And remember, our codemonkeys work hard for us, so please make their job as painless as possible--post your prompts in the correct format:

CSI: NY, Danny/Lindsay + Lucy, with a family like theirs, they shouldn't have been surprised at her first words

Any, any, no good conversation ever started with "He's fine, don't worry"

Chaos/Primeval, teams, what could possibly go wrong?

Y'all go crazy now, ya hear? ;)


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