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Thursday: Alternate Universes.

Welcome to my final day as your guest host! Our last prompt will be Alternate Universes! I'm certain we all know what these are - a world where Batman is a reporter for the Daily Planet and where Superman is just an ordinary human is a prime example of an alternate universe. Have fun!

Here's your reminder about the rules:

> Post no more than five prompts in a row, and don't post more than three prompts for a single fandom. If someone fills a prompt of yours, you can then prompt again.
> There's to be no spoilers in prompts until a week from air/publication dates.
> If your fill contains spoilers, then please label it clearly and leave enough spaces for people to scroll on by.

Finally, please format your prompts like so, for our beloved code monkeys.

> Supernatural, any, the angels are one big mafia family and the Winchesters are the cops assigned to bring them to justice
> Jeeves & Wooster, Jeeves/Bertie, steampunk AU - Jeeves is a scientist/engineer making the next big machine
> Supernatural, Sam/Castiel, Sam was the one who went to Hell, and Castiel raised him from perdition

Please enjoy yourselves, and please do have a look at the lonely prompts at the Delicious archive as well. :)


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