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Welcome to Monday!

Hello Folks. I'm LMX, your guesthost for the week (or at least until Thursday!). I'm sneaking in a bit early this morning, because unfortunately real life stops for no internet responsibilities, but please be aware the weekend competition continues until midnight PST - so there might be time to fill one or two more lonely prompts before submission closes!

Monday is a dark and dreary day, no matter what the weather where you are, so today's theme is DARKNESS.

I don't mind if that's real darkness (the lights have gone out!) or emotional darkness (Monday is my sad day). Feel free to stretch the theme in which ever direction you think suits it best.

Don't forget the rules of the community:
- No more than one prompt in each post, three prompts per fandom or five prompts in total. If one of your prompts gets filled then you may post another.
- No prompts containing spoilers until at least one week has passed since it aired/was released. If your fill contains a spoiler, please label it clearly with the fandom/show/season and leave enough space for people to avoid reading it.
- Feed free to fill a prompts even if it has already been filled. More fic is always good to see!

Please please remember your hard working codemonkeys - without them we wouldn't have our fantastic prompt archive on delicious. To keep them relatively sane, format prompts as follows:

Fandom, character or pairing, prompt
or for a crossover
Fandom/Fandom, Character or pairing, prompt

For example:
Leverage, Sophie, Dragged under from time to time
Angel/Leverage, Angel/Lindsey!Eliot, He's still cowering in the dark

tag = dark

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