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Mod Post - Changes to the Comm

First, I want to thank everyone for taking the time to answer the poll and tell us what you think.

We're still processing some of the ideas, but some decisions have been made and some are already in effect.

1) As you saw this last weekend, we are taking the move to include Saturday in our Lonely Prompt Adoption. Going forward both Saturday and Sunday will be days with no new prompts.
2) We will be hosting lonely prompt weeks at scattered times, to be determined by the calendar and mods having the ability to run it.
3) We will increase the Challenge weekends to twice a month, the second and fourth weekends of each month.
4) In order to help defray the costs of the contests, donations are accepted. The Paypal address is The cost of one 2 month LJ time prize is $5. We will be giving away two of those each month, plus another three every quarter. Any help with this cost is appreciated. Also, if more money comes in, we may be able to have bigger prizes at some point in the future.

We heard you about the titles and the word "porn". We need to get some new graphics made and then you will see the word pulled from the places where it is now. The Porn is always welcome in the comments, however. Never fear!

If you would like to make graphics, please see havenward who is our Head Code Monkey and in charge of things like layouts and graphics and such.

At this time we are not going to put hard limits on the number of prompts, however, I think that it isn't unreasonable to ask prompters to be considerate of the hard working volunteer code monkeys and keep from prompting more than a few at a time. Also, please be considerate of your fellow comm members and don't dump all of your prompts at one time.

Don't forget that this is a contest week. Details of the contest are here.

There may be more changes in our future as we grow and adapt. Thank you for making this comm work! Go forth and write people!
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