monica_catch22 (monica_catch22) wrote in comment_fic,

Friday - Free for All

Happy Friday, everyone!  Pull up a chair and let's get some prompts made and filled! 

No themes here today, just whatever your hearts desire.

Remember to follow our rules: 

Only three posts per fandom, and only five total. If one of your prompts is answered, you may go ahead and post another.

No spoilers for new shows/seasons until a week after airing.

If your fill is spoilery, WARN accordingly and leave enough space for people to pass on by

Also, please respect our code monkeys and post in the following format:

X-Men First Class, Erik/Charles, after the children are asleep...

Star Trek/Star Wars, Author's Choice, blasters versus light sabers ("Mine's bigger than yours!" ) 

Have fun and go post! 

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