Lil Miss Morgan Dork (badfalcon) wrote in comment_fic,
Lil Miss Morgan Dork

Tuesday: Horror Movie Quotes

Greetings and salutations, guys! violet_eyes here, guest hosting this week; this entry is brought to you by the amazing badfalcon, posting this on my behalf since I'm doing some volunteer work in a rural location right now where internet access is not all that great! (especially combined with the shifts I'm working, but let's not discuss that)

Today's theme is one that is dear to my heart...horror movie quotes. No, I'm not expecting you to put your characters in the movie, unless you want to that is - but movie quotes are a heck of an inspiration for ficlets of your own.

And I know we all know the rules, but here they are anyway:

1. No more than five prompts in a row, no more than three per fandom; if one of your prompts is answered, feel free to prompt again.

2. No spoilers in prompts until one week after the original air date. If your fill is spoilery, please warn in bold and leave at least three spaces.

3. Format prompts like this - it makes life easier for the coders:

RPS, Chris/Jeff, "I thought he was biting you!" (28 Days Later)

Boondock Saints/Leverage, Murphy/Eliot, "Don't undo the straps." (The Exorcist)

4. Please keep prompts short and sweet - let whoever fills them tell the story!

Go write your brains out, people, and remember - get yourself a garlic T shirt, buddy, or it's your funeral. (Lost Boys)

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