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Tuesday - Reset

So it's Tuesday, & yet I'm still mustbethursday3 

Today's theme is 'Reset'

The idea is that YOU have the power to change the past: Any dream sequence/hallucination that should have been fact. Any misleading promo about a storyline you've been dying for that TPTB hinted at and never did. Any time a storyline wasn't finished properly. Any time the Show took a certain direction and you wanted to get off and take a different one - now's the time to play it out.

The reset button is in your capable hands :)


DW: Rose was never stuck in the parallel world because the Cybermen died in the void. The Daleks actually died FOR GOOD one of those times they were wiped out. The Timelords survived somehow so the Doctor could stop mentioning every episode that he's alone. Martha didn't waste all of S3 being repeatedly knocked back by a clueless man (alien) and instead enjoyed their friendship for what it was. The Doctor stayed human in Human Nature. Donna joined the Doctor in S3, instead of S4. Nine never had to die, because there was a way out of 1x13 that didn't end in regeneration. Eleven actually came back for Amy the same night like he promised (and not 12 years later). River Song never entered the equation. Susan still travels with the Doctor. Jenny (the Doctor's Daughter) wasn't left behind, or she caught up somehow. The Rani survived the Time War to fight another day. The Master never died. Jack was never stranded on the space station in S1. Ten and Rose were really stuck during the Impossible Planet and the Satan Pit and had to live human lives, sort of. The Doctor kept Arthur (the horse from S2) around on the Tardis. Merlin: Gwen's mother was the one who raised her and worked as a Blacksmith in S1. Arthur knew all along that his father made that deal with this mother's life to have a son, hence the acting out in S1. Merlin never came to Camelot, he met Gwaine on the way and they shacked up somewhere. Morgana wasn't Uther's child, that was a mistake. Lancelot stayed in Camelot in S1, just on the outskirts and actually helped when trouble struck. Tom never died. Gaius married whateverhernamewas twenty years before S1. Morgana and Gwen worked as a team to save Camelot as sort of a parallel to the Arthur and Merlin team up - except that they both knew each other's secrets. Gwen knew about the magic, because it's obvious. Arthur worked it out S2. Uther actually went out to fight most times, instead of sending his 'only heir' out all the time. Not every creature that dared venture into Camelot died. Mordred was killed in the episode he first appeared in. Morgause is Arthur's sister not Morgana's. Cenred and Morgause were married. Or Cenred never died, Morgause just trapped him somewhere to mess with later. Arthur was never ever knocked unconscious. People in Camelot stopped being so clueless and helpless in general. Firefly: Wash... SGA: Weir never died. The expedition never had to move planets. Or maybe that really was the Ancients that time. SG1: Jack never left the team. Daniel and Vala never got rid of the effect of the bracelets. That hostage ep from S10 never happened. NCIS: Kate never died, she got a new job. Or was kidnapped. Ari wasn't bad, he was a double agent. Or maybe Kate was? Supernatural: Sam and Dean's mother is the one who raised them and it was their father who died when they were young. Or Sam and Dean never had a younger brother. Or all (or some) of those female characters who've died over the course of the show are alive. Or Sam and Dean had a younger sister, not a brother. Or Jo and Dean got married. Or Dean got to have a Hunter!family life with Lisa and Ben. Being Human: A few things in S3 stand out…also Ivan in S2, still mourning that.

You can use whatever springs to mind when you think 'Reset'.

No more than three prompts from one fandom.
No more than five prompts in a row.
Do not post spoilers in your prompts until a week after air-/publication date. If you wonder if something is a spoiler it probably is for someone.
If you write in spoilers in your reply please do warn accordingly!

Format for Prompts!
Fandom, character or pairing, prompt -- OR (for a Crossover) Fandom/Fandom, Character or pairing, prompt

Merlin, Gwen/Merlin, S5: Merlin and Gwen get married. Monsters attack.
Campus, Imogen/Flatpack & Matt, Imogen agrees to go on a date with Flat. Just the one. Just a coffee. Or that's what it was supposed to be...
True Blood/Masterchef, Eric & others, Season 4: The Authority decides to get some good PR after the Russell incident...using reality TV.

Have fun!


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