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Thursday - The Beatles Song Titles & Lyrics

I'm your guest host, mahmfic and it's my last day here. :-( It's been a fantastic job though.

Today's theme is one I am excited about... The Beatles song titles and lyrics! Remember that band called The Beatles? John, Paul, Ringo and George? Well today anything The Beatles wrote goes. It can be a song title or a lyric from one of their songs. But if you leave lyrics make sure to mention what song it's from.

For a complete list of their songs go here. If you'd rather have one of their lyrics be your prompt you can check out this site or one of the many other lyrics hosting websites.

Go crazy guys! Show The Beatles some love.

Remember the rules!
No more than three prompts from one fandom.
No more than five prompts in a row; if one of your prompts is answered then you can prompt again.
No spoilers until at least a week after air-/publication date. If your fill contains a spoiler please warn accordingly.

Format for Prompts:
Fandom, character or pairing, prompt -- OR (for a Crossover) Fandom/Fandom, Character or pairing, prompt

Doctor Who, 10/Rose, Is there anybody going to listen to my story/All about the girl who came to stay?/She's the kind of girl you want so much/It makes you sorry/Still, you don't regret a single day (Girl)
Legend of the Seeker, Richard/Kahlan, I Want To Hold Your Hand

Of course if you don't like today's theme, why not check out the Lonely Prompts?


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