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Five of this, one of another

Hello! Welcome to Monday and today’s theme of 5+1. It’s almost half a dozen of one thing and one of another.

Have fun posting prompts and please remember the rules.

-No more than three prompts from one fandom

-No more than five prompts in a row

-No spoilers in your prompt until a week after the date of airing or publication. If you think it could be a spoiler, be safe and treat it as a spoiler. Thanks.

-If your fill contains a spoiler, please warn the reader or leave a gap so the reader can skip.

-If your prompt gets filled you can leave another prompt.

Please format prompts in the fashion that the code monkey’s can use.

Examples of 5+1

Leverage, team, five times a lie was told and once a truth was told

A-Team, team, five times Hannibal wondered if the team would ever work and one time they surprised him by working great together

Tin Man, DG, five times DG felt out of place in the OZ and one time she felt right at home

If a prompt doesn’t tempt you for filling take a look at the lonely prompts.


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