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Steam/Cyber Punk and Their Derivatives

Hi everyone! I’m chibifukurou and I’ll be enabling your comment_fic addiction this week.

Today’s theme is Steam/Cyber Punk and Their Derivatives. Today all the prompts have to be either  an Steam/Cyberpunk/Derivative AU or from a fandom that is already set in a "Punk Setting". If you're not familiar with all the punk derivatives, here are a few examples:  Teslapunk, Atompunk, Clockpunk,  Dieselpunk, Biopunk,  Nanopunk,and Splatterpunk
This means that you now have an excuse to dress your favorite characters as Victorian maids or Renaissance Lords and let them loose on the universe.

But wait before you let your excitement overwhelm you let’s have a quick review of The Rules:
  • Don’t prompt more than 5 prompts in a row or 3 prompts per fandom. When someone has answered your prompt, you can prompt again.
  • No spoilers in your prompt until at least 1 week after the original airing or publication date. If there are spoilers in your fic, you must warn in bold and leave at least 3 spaces. This is a biggy since the new seasons of a lot of shows just started up.
  • Thank your fic providers they thrive on feedback.
  • For the sake of the code monkeys’ sanity remember to format your prompts correctly.
Formatting examples:

Tiger & Bunny, Barnaby and Kotetsu, A Steam-punk AU where Tiger is a Street-wise tough and Bunny's a Lord who have to fight crime together with the help of their Next powers and steam-powered exo-suits

Bandom RPF, Party Poison and Kobra Kid, Have a geeky discussion aboutm how back when they were kids, they always knew they'd end up living in a Cyberpunk future
Doctor Who/Warehouse 13, Doctor and H.G.,  Instead of being bronzed H.G. becomes the Doctor's companion after she saves his life with her Victorian powered awesomeness

None of today's prompts interest you? Make someone’s day and answer one of the myriad of
 Lonely Prompts!

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