phantisma (phantisma) wrote in comment_fic,

Friday Free For All

Here we are, back to Friday. You know what that means! Free for All...any fandom, any pairing, any prompt your crazy little mind can come up with.

Please do remember to follow the rules:
* No more than five prompts in a row
* No more than three prompts per fandom
* If your prompts get answered, feel free to post more
* No spoilers in your prompt for at LEAST a week after publication/air date
* If there are spoilers in your fic response, please warn and leave adequate space following the warning to let folks give it a pass.

Please take mercy on our hard working code monkeys and format your prompts properly (and try not to make them overly long).

For example:

Stargate SG1, Jack/Daniel/Sam, it was never going to work, but for the moment...
Leverage, Eliot/Author's Choice, the first time he cared
Criminal Minds/NCIS/NCISLA, Penelope Garcia/Abby/Nell, online games

If none of these are working for you, please give our lonely prompts a go, but be aware that the new delicious is still working out the kinks. These are outside of our control. We are looking at other options, but as of right now have not identified anything viable.

Go forth and have fun.

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