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A change is in the air...

As promised, here are the first of the upcoming changes. There may also be more to come, but these are definite.

Weekly Schedule

We will continue to have Guest Hosts, who will host Monday through Friday. However, Wednesday with be Re-Run day. The guest host will be responsible for posting the Re-Run post per a script we will establish. The schedule will be:

Monday: Guest Host Theme day
Tuesday: Guest Host Theme day
Wednesday: Re-Run day
Thursday: Guest Host Theme day
Friday: Guest Host Theme day
Saturday: Free For All day
Sunday: Standard Lonely Prompt day


We will be moving strictly to a once per quarter contest. The theme of the contest will be announced at the beginning of the quarter. To participate, each member will have to keep track of their own fills that count toward the theme. The last week of the quarter there will be a post up for members to comment on with their submissions.

We will also have a member awarded prize, where comm members can nominate a person for their performance to the theme. Graphics will be awarded for both of these prizes.

Comment Tree

We want to try out the suggestion made during a previous poll and implement comment trees to help people navigate the days. Each host will be required to make a series of primary comments, covering the major fandoms and then several small fandom categories (crime, sci fi, comedy, drama, etc). We will be providing a list.

Now, it may be that we move to only archiving the lonely prompts, to try to keep the volume down. If that is the case, you, of course, are welcome and encouraged to archive your own prompt fills (as I know some of you are).

I will be contacting those of you who said you were interested in helping out next week (after I get back from Vegas). We will be looking to add a couple of new mods with specific duties, as well as new Code Monkeys and Graphics Monkeys.

If you're interested in any of these, but haven't answered the most recent poll, get on over there and answer at least that question so I know.

Thanks everyone!

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