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Mod Post - Quarterly Contest Results!

After a long counting process, I have some numbers for you!

I'm still waiting on the graphics for the prizes, but I've kept you all in suspense for more than a week, so...

There were 370 stories written during the contest period by 96 different authors. There were 195 unique fandom/pairing combinations.

The fandom/pairing combination with the most unique authors was RPS, Chris/Steve with 22 different people writing ficlets.

Now, we had three prize categories in mind for this contest. As such, we have three prizes to hand out.

The two we announced:

Biggest Enabler - The person who posted the most prompts that were answered during the contest period. This person posted 30 prompts that were written during the contest week. Some of these were adopted lonely prompts, some were posted during the week. Either way, she wins, hands down. Congratulations to our very own havenward.

Anything Goes Author - The person who wrote ficlets for the most different fandom/pairing combinations. This person wrote forty five ficlets total with 26 different combinations. Again, some of these were lonely prompts, some not. Congratulations to morgan_cian!

And the one we kept a secret:

Most Gracious - The person who responded to the most written ficlets to express their love to the author. Beating down the competition handily once again, was havenward.

All three of these prizes are two months paid LJ time, which I'll be taking care of sometime today. Graphics will be added to this post as I get them. So stay tuned.

I do have one more award to give out. This was just a mod-choice and will receive a graphic for an award. Two of our authors wrote ficlets in the Stargate SG-1 fandom that garnered 20 unique responses from readers. That's the most responses (does not include subsequent conversation, just the original "thank you" type response.

For that they both receive an honorable mention. Congrats to sidlj and jd_junkie

Thank you all for your patience and keep your eyes open for the next contest!

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