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Hello everybody I'm hanorganaas and I shall be your guest host this week. Sorry it's a little early, but I am moving back into school tomorrow. Anyway I would like to start the theme off with something a little bit different.

Today's theme is Rock Music. That's right good OL' music filled with, fast pace, teenage angst, electric guitars, loud drumbeats and of course ecentric band members. You can have a variety of things, you can have songfic with your favorite rock song, prompt with a line from your favorite song, have a character jamming along to a song on the radio or at a rock concert, have a few characters form an indie rock band or maybe go as far as just prompting RPFS Bandslash. Go crazy and have fun.

Of course keep in mind there are a few rules when posting your prompt:

-5 prompts in a row.
-No more than 3 per fandom.
-No spoilers in the prompt, and if your fic response has spoilers, please warn and leave adequate space.

And to make the job easier to the codemonkies hard at work to make this community great here's some examples

Supernatural, Dean, Castiel and Sam, Jamming out to their favorite rock song while driving the impala.
Doctor Who, River/Eleven, Seperate Ways (Worlds Apart)-Journey
Stargate Atlantis, John/Author's Choice, Only love can make it rain, that falls like tears from a high
Green Day RPF, Any, Preparing for A Show.
The Hunger Games, Katniss/Peeta, Alive With The Glory of Love-Say Anything


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