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Sarah K

Monday: Apocalypse

Good morning, everyone! Today’s Monday, and it’s meteorfire here with the theme of the day.

Our theme today is Apocalypse. Are zombies walking the earth? Are aliens invading? Has the entire planet flooded? Anything in relation to an apocalypse goes, whether it’s living through one, dying in one, or simply attempting to prevent one.

Here's some quick examples:
  • The Walking Dead, Merle, He survived the zombie apocalypse only to die during the alien invasion.
  • The Walking Dead, any/other, The news stations and government refused to announce that the dead were walking. Then they started to announce the coming apocalypse. The ensuing panic was their downfall.
  • The Walking Dead, any/other, POV of other people in the world when the walkers appeared
  • Merlin BBC, Uther, He couldn’t live on a planet without his wife. So instead of banning sorcerers, he decided to just take everyone with him.
  • Sherlock BBC, Mycroft, this is one devastation that he can’t prevent

And as always, remember to follow the rules:
  • Only three prompts from a fandom
  • Only five prompts in a row
  • If one prompt gets filled you can leave a new one
  • No spoilers in your prompts until a week after airdate/publication
  • If your fill contains a spoiler please warn accordingly and leave space for the spoiler.
Have fun, everyone!

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