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Sarah K

Thursday: Reunion

Good morning, everyone! It’s meteorfire here once again, this time to present what’s up for Thursday.

The latest theme is Reunion. Perhaps an encounter with a long lost love, or a dreaded enemy, or maybe that one time someone got it in their head to host a family reunion. Or, maybe someone finally reunited with that one sock that they’d thought had been lost forever in the depths of the dryer.

Here's some quick examples:
  • Final Fantasy VII, JENOVA, she can wait as long as she has to for Reunion.
  • Final Fantasy VII, Tifa & Cloud, she thought he was dead—and then she found him at the train station
  • The Walking Dead, Sophia, after a while she gave up on being reunited with her mother and the rest of the group.
  • The Walking Dead, any, turning was like joining a family you never knew you even had
  • Sherlock BBC, John/Sherlock, they run into John’s ex-wife Mary while on a case; Sherlock didn’t even know he had a wife

And as always, remember to follow the rules:
  • Only three prompts from a fandom
  • Only five prompts in a row
  • If one prompt gets filled you can leave a new one
  • No spoilers in your prompts until a week after airdate/publication
  • If your fill contains a spoiler please warn accordingly and leave space for the spoiler.

Have fun, everyone!

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