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Completed lonely prompts, Part 1

Whoops, these have been building up for a while! Here is part one of the prompts that are no longer lonely.

Ace Attorney
Ace Attorney, Klavier, dealing with fangirls

Angel/any various, Wes + any, If Wes left LA in Season 4 and formed his own crew, who'd be on his team?
Angel the series, Spike/Lindsey/Angel, protected and safe

Animorphs, Rachel, she never turns on the light in the bathroom these days, because she can't bear to look at herself in the mirror
Animorphs, Rachel/Tobias, she has no idea this is the last birthday she'll ever have, so she spends it unexpectedly happy for all it might not have been
Animorphs, any/any, lies whispered in the dark
Animorphs, Rachel/Tobias, Rachel gets stuck in bald eagle morph in the beginning and Tobias remains human; various aspects of their relationship being different

Author’s Choice
Any, any, "You've ruined me for sex with anyone else, and that's why I did it."
Any, any, Goldfish Poop Gang
Any, any, kinkfic where a dominant character persuades a submissive character to try something knowing that he/she will not like it
any, any, Real Life: The New MMORPG Real Life: The New MMORPG!
Any, Any, "Are you crying?" "It's the morphine."
Author’s choice, any, Is this the last curtain?
Any, Any, Give me a name...
Any, any, I watch you smile and I can’t help feeling happy.
Author's choice, author's choice, "'Twas brillig and the slithy toves did gyre and gimble in the wabe..." - first line of The Jabberwocky.
any, any, “Life’s dangerous, man. No one survives.”
Any,Any,An unusual gift.
any, any/any, "If the only thing, what's important to you, would bring ruin, what would you do?" - "I would protect it. "
Any, any, "I love you."
Any, Any, "good morning :)"
author's choice, author's choice, I want to read the love letters my mother burned (Diane Lockward)
Any, any, I've no excuse to be stuck here turning// Like a mirror on a string, // Except it's hardly credible how // It all keeps changing. // Loss has a wider choice of directions// Than the other thing (from Nails by W.S. Merwin
Author’s choice, any, he’s born a liar and he’ll die a liar.
any, any, "The love of learning, the sequestered nooks, And all the sweet serenity of books." ~Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
Any, Any, watching the sunrise
any; any; "Remember me, okay? This is all gonna change, but you've got to remember me."
Any, Any, forced holiday cheer
Any, Any, insomnia
Any; Any; What you don't know can't hurt you
Author's choice; author's choice; you know that person who died? Well, they didn't.
Any, Any, Trapped in his own body while he heals... or dies
Author's choice, any, they think this will hold you.
Any, Any, it's the worst thing they could possibly do to him: methodically breaking each of the bones in his hands and fingers, leaving him essentially useless.
Any, any/any, "Run that by me again?"
Author’s choice, any, I’m going to ask you to look away.
Any, Any, "So for movie night I got____." "Why? You hate that movie." "Yeah, but you love it."
Any, Any+/Any, S/he sings pieces from various operas in the original language.
Any, any, "When I make a mistake, it hurts me... I'm talking real, physical pain. And I expect the same from everybody who works with me."
Any fandom, Any pairing, Making a list (and checking it twice)
any, any, speed dating
Any, any, chinese finger trap
any, any, street fair
Any fandom where humans interact with alien societies; any; Humans – the most fallible of species but the most dangerous of individuals.
Any, any, evilitis

Avengers movieverse, Loki + the Avengers, Loki is split in two: one Loki is ruthless with no moral compass; the other just wants to hug everyone

Axis Powers Hetalia
Axis Powers Hetalia, UK/US, the Victorian gentleman and his cowboy.

Bones, Hodgins, don't call it dirt
Bones, Booth + Brennan, they really, definitely aren't in love. Everyone else is misreading the signs.

Boondock Saints
Boondock Saints, Connor/Murphy, five times he said it was wrong and one time he didn't
BDS, Connor &_or_/ Murphy, on a rare occasion, they don't have the same dreams
Boondock Saints, Connor/Murphy, No one notices they wear each others clothes

Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Dawn & Spike, "Doesn't the taste of blood get kind of boring over the years?"
Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Willow, sometimes she fantasises about the vampire version of herself.
BtVS, Spike/Drusilla, She took a fancy to that white dress while the bride-to-be was still in it.
Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Buffy, Monday finds you like a bomb
Buffy, Spike/Buffy, He makes her into a vampire
Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Buffy/Xander, she said yes when he asked her to the dance

Burn Notice
Burn Notice, Michael, Michael Westen's tips for surviving the apocalypse
Burn Notice, Larry/Michael/Sam, Larry is the devil on Michael's shoulder, and Sam is the angel on the other.
Burn Notice, cast or OT3, pandemic
Burn Notice, Mike, Fi, Sam, and Jesse, Death in the fast lane; there's little time to mourn
Burn Notice, Fiona, better uses for soap
Burn Notice, any, spies never _____ when they can do _____ instead
Burn Notice, White Collar AU, Michael is the sharp_dressing conman, Sam is the fed who caught him.
Burn Notice, Any, Darling, this is a vacation to me.
Burn Notice, Michael (+ any), comparing Miami to... anywhere else.
Burn Notice, Fi + Sam (+any), Fi and Sam babysit; Sam's at a loss and Fi enjoys teaming up with the kid
Burn Notice, Sam Axe, Sam's 5 favorite Chuck Finley identities + 1 time he couldn't use his favorite persona
Burn Notice, any, of or pertaining to a maneuver or plan of action designed as an expedient toward gaining a desired end or temporary advantage.

Castle, Rick/any female, Bachelor auction
Castle, Javier Esposito, Esposito has a doctorate, but never used it - someone from the team finds it out
Castle, Team, Can someone explain to me why I walked in on an argument about dinosaurs?
Castle, Castle/Beckett, first official date
Castle, Castle/Beckett, recovery

Charmed, Chris, first orb.

Chronicles of Narnia
Chronicles of Narnia, Susan/Edmund, Edmund doesn't die in the train crash and he and Susan travel the world
Chronicles of Narnia, Susan&Edmund or Susan/Edmund, Peter and Lucy hunt the White Stag alone while Susan and Edmund are away

Chuck, Chuck/Bryce, eating crappy food in their college dorm.
Chuck, Ellie + Chuck, Every year, without fail, Chuck will make her pancakes for her birthday. (He says it's because 'she deserves her favorite things on her special day', what she hears is 'I am not our father, I will never leave you.')
Chuck, Chuck/Bryce, Chuck thinks he's been stood up but Bryce thinks that Chuck turned him down.
Chuck, Casey or Bryce/Chuck, 5 secrets he revealed to Chuck and one he never did
Chuck, Bryce/Chuck, Chuck is a vampire hunter, a good one in actual fact. So why the fuck won't this guy just DIE.
Chuck, Bryce/Chuck Stanford Era, Chuck takes a hit for Bryce in a bar. Bryce is enraged. People die.( Jokes! but seriously. CARNAGE.)
Chuck, Bryce/Chuck/Sarah, Chuck is in love with both of them
Chuck, Chuck/Bryce, Frost was forced to take 9_year_old Chuck with her when she left and he was raised by Volkof to be a badass criminal; Bryce becomes intrigued when "Charles" is sent to deal with the spy who's been causing his "father" so much trouble and doesn't kill Bryce immediately.

Community, Annie and Troy and Abed (or Annie/Troy/Abed), she takes a study break to help them with one of their new projects
Community, Annie/Jeff & Troy & Abed, spending most of their Christmas break together has brought Annie and Jeff closer together. Explaining her absences to Troy & Abed is more difficult though.
Community, any, the text is so abbreviated and full of emoticons that the recipient can't figure out what it means.

Criminal Minds
Criminal Minds/Any, Spencer/various, 5 people Spencer Reid could have fallen in love with and the one he actually does
Criminal Minds, Morgan/Reid, this is what he gets for letting Reid, the big freakin' (adorable) geek, pick where they go on their first date
Criminal Minds, Reid/Morgan, during a case Spencer is happy when ________.
Criminal Minds, Spencer Reid, All he ever wanted was books
Criminal Minds, Hotch/Morgan, how does Derek react the first time Jack asks if he's his daddy too.
Criminal Minds, Hotch/Reid, Heart of stone.
Criminal Minds, Morgan/author's choice, fourth date.
Criminal Minds, team, tracking an unsub through a winter wonderland
Criminal Minds, Reid & Team, "You're supposed to wear that stuff on the inside, kid."

Crossfire Trail
Crossfire Trail, Rock/JT, cookin' lessons 'neath the stars

Inception/Suits, Arthur/Mike, Harvey's used to hating Mike's boyfriends on sight because they're usually losers... He hates this one on sight because he isn't.
Grimm/Supernatural, Monroe&Nick, Winchesters, "Hunters? No way, if you're dealing with those fanatics I'm sitting this one out."
Torchwood/Angel, Team, Ianto tries to make Angel comfortable around the Hub by serving him blood instead of coffee
Eureka/Stargate SG-1, Nathan Stark + Daniel Jackson, they name buildings and mountains after people like us.
Eureka/Stargate SG-1, Jo + any Stargate character, "Reality changed and I don't know where I fit in anymore. Sounds crazy, huh?" "I know more about that I can legally say."
Eureka/Stargate SG-1, Jo Lupo +/ Jack O'Neill, he taught her everything she knows
Percy Jackson & the Olympians(/Harry Potter), Percy(/) Luke & others, they were wizards, not demigods
Chuck, any, Supernatural AU: Chuck is the special kid Azazel is after; he and Bryce both come from families of hunters and were trying to break away by going to Stanford - they realize this when a demon attacks Chuck and Bryce has to save him; they go on the road to figure out what's happening; Casey is this universe's version of Bobby; the BuyMorons are regulars at the Roadhouse, which is owned by Awesome and Ellie (Morgan is Ash)...
Leverage/Inception, Parker/Any, "What are you doing in my dream?!"
Highlander/Glee, Methos & preemie/infant!Kurt, oh, but Methos likes this boy
Chuck/Guiding Light (Bryce)Ben, "Would you believe me if I told you I was a spy and all those people I killed were part of a terrorist group attempting to steal a computer program filled with government secrets?"
White Collar/Chuck/any vampire 'verse, Bryce&Neal as twins, they taste the same
Leverage/Glee, Eliot + Kurt, Eliot doesn’t look like the adoring uncle of a gay kid
Twilight/True Blood, author's choice, author's choice
Eureka/Stargate SG-1, Any, And Jack had thought Eureka was weird enough...
Glee/Angel the Series, Kurt/Connor, author's choice
Leverage/The Magnificent Seven ATF verse, Eliot/Vin, they used to be bounty hunting partners
Supernatural/Any, Sam/Gabriel. Second verse, same as the first - the story of a Winchester and an Archangel as played out in various different anime, TV shows, etc.
Leverage/Angel: The Series, Eliot and Lindsey(brothers), Mistaken identity.
Highlander/Inception, Arthur/Eames, one of them is a thousand years old; the other just died
Angel: the series/Leverage, Lindsey and Eliot (brothers), Eliot stopped Lorne from killing Lindsey.
Highlander/Star Wars, Yoda&Methos, Yoda's master had been a legend known only as Adamas
Star Wars/Firefly, Han Solo & Malcom Reynolds, "Take your princess and get the hell off my ship."
Stargate SG-1/Firefly, Any/Any, That's New
White Collar/NCIS; Neal, Gibbs, Peter; "I didn't do it!"
X-men/White Collar, Neal (/ or &) Remy, both characters mutant or both not, trying to steal the same thing
Supernatural/Stargate SG-1/Stargate Atlantis, The Winchesters, Cameron Mitchell, John Sheppard, The world is crumbling around them.
Highlander / New Amsterdam, John/any, he finally finds the one, the one he can grow old and die with - except, as it turns out, Destiny is a cruel bitch with a sense of irony...
Inception/Highlander, Eames/Arthur, Arthur is a mortal raised by Methos. Eames is a student of Amanda's who will mourn Arthur for centuries after he dies. (Inception canon compliant if possible, please)
Sherlock (BBC)/Highlander, Mycroft&Methos, Mycroft thinks he's met his match. He has no idea how far out of his depth he truly is.
NCIS/Highlander, Team Gibbs, Kate's not the only Immortal on the team, so when she wakes up in the morgue, it's not just Ducky-- her Watcher --there to greet her.
Traveler/Guiding Light, Jay(Ben Reade)/+all, Will wasn't the only one who kept who he really was a secret. While on the run Will, Tyler, and "Jay" need to find a place to lay low for a while, "Jay" suggests Springfield.
Highlander/any vampire 'verse, Methos, his age has a taste
Highlander/Revenge, Methos/Nolan, Nolan learned from the best
Burn Notice/Leverage, Michael/Eliot, affection
Kane RPS/Sentinel, Sentinel!Chris/Guide!Steve, I'm your what?!
Crossover (Jumper movie/Supernatural), Dean, When he's 5 years old, Dean Winchester Jumps for the first time.
Glee/The Office, any, Office!AU, The new branch is a little.. odd.
Torchwood/BtVS, Jack/Faith, The last of the original Slayers dies in his arms.
SG1/SGA, Cam/John, Cam had it all planned out.
Sherlock (BBC)/Harry Potter, gen or John/Sherlock, Mycroft and Sherlock Holmes are muggleborns. They are also the last Heirs of Slytherin, and Voldemort just found out.
Thor/Ineption, Loki + Arthur, Arthur's mother comes to visit. Heis so pleased to meet Arthur's little friends and he kind of freaks them out.
Leverage/Angel, Eliot/Nate/Lindsey, dirty rotten enabler
Doctor Who/Torchwood, Rory & Jack (or any), Rory knows about Torchwood because they helped him find a home when he fell through the Rift (or landed/crashed on Earth in an alien spaceship) as a child
Chuck(/White Collar), Chuck/Bryce(!Neal), Every time Bryce thinks he's finally over Chuck, something renews his feelings for his old best friend.
Leverage/Buffy, Eliot/Dru, prophecy
Angel/Leverage, Eliot & Lindsey, I see you met my twin brother
Stargate SG_1/Doctor Who, Original SG_1, the team 'inherits' a Tardis (Jack is suspicious, Daniel's intrigued, Sam is ecstatic, and Teal'c is...Teal'c)
Firefly/NCIS, both teams (pre_BDM), The two crews meet in a bar. Chaos ensues. Author's choice as to the name of the NCIS ship. Bonus points if the NCIS team are Browncoats.
Chuck/White Collar, Bryce!Neal or Bryce&Neal as twins (or clones!), author's choice
Chuck/White Collar, Vampire!Neal/Chuck, Neal can't believe the heir to his bloodline (Bryce) is so goddamn blind to his best friends affections. Great, great, great grand daddy is going to teach him the error of his ways _ by stealing this gentle boy away from him.
Chuck/White Collar, Neal(Bryce)/Chuck, the real reason Neal wants to pull off this last big con is he knows Chuck will join him in Hawaii
Chuck/White Collar, Neal/Chuck, Neal was just trying to be friendly to the new guy, honest. (Or the one where Neal doesn't know the meaning of personal space.)
White Collar/Chuck, Neal&Bryce + their respective keepers, "You can't keep blaming your brother!"
Chuck/White Collar, Chuck/Neal, Chuck used to date Bryce and Neal wonders if Chuck only likes him because he looks like Bryce. They're both still grieving so Neal wonders if he's just grabbing onto some part of Bryce's life to help him cope.
Chuck/White Collar, Bryce+basically all, There is one person Bryce trusts more than Chuck, his younger twin, Neal. So he sends them both the Intersect. (If Bryce never all, would be awesome.)
Good Omens/SPN, Aziraphale/Crowley + wee!Castiel, Cas is de_aged and sent to England by Gabriel in the hopes of getting him to lighten up a bit
Spn/Merlin, Reincarnated!Arthur/Merlin & author's choice of Spn Character, asking for directions to the apocalypse
Boondock Saints/SPN, Connor/Murphy/Dean, share and share alike
House/White Collar, Chase/Neal or Chase + Neal, "Your boss is staring at us." "Yeah. He does that."
Glee/Buffy (fusion), vampire!Puck/Kurt, He shook_a me up, he took me by surprise, He had a pick up truck and the devil's eyes. He stared at me and I felt a change, Time meant nothing, never would again. (The Time Warp by Richard O'Brien)
Angel/White Collar, Wes/Neal, bondage with silk ties
White Collar/Criminal Minds; Emily Prentiss (Lauren Reynolds) + Peter Burke; The faces of people I'll never see again.
Hawaii Five_0 / Supernatural, Castiel & Steve (/Danny), Grace is a Seal which needs to be protected and Steve the angel, who protects her. Yet Castiel understand why his brother is so human and interacts with the Seal's mortal father so much
Criminal Minds/White Collar, Spencer Reid/Neal Caffrey, Derek Morgan, jealousy
Chuck/White Collar, Chuck/Neal, been caught stealing
Smallville/Torchwood, Lex/Ianto, (Lex is an addition to the Torchwood world but doesn't work for Torchwood) Jack gets jealous.
Highlander/In Time, any, for those that died over their twenties, it's the hardest to blend in
Highlander/Supernatural; Winchesters & Watchers; Sam and Dean get mistaken for Immortals after a particularly electric hunt
Thor (2011)/Supernatural, Loki + Gabriel, "So you are the one who has been using my name."
Supernatural/Greek mythology, Gabriel + Hermes, no one appreciates the messenger
Supernatural/RPS, Gabriel/Richard Speight Jr, his role may be over, but his character hasn't left him
White Collar/Chuck, Bryce!Neal, During "Unfinished Business" Bryce gets closer and closer to the surface of Neal's mind
Chuck/White Collar, Chuck/Bryce!Neal + Peter, Peter had no idea that Neal even knew Agent Charles "Mad Dog" Carmichael... Then he walks in on the two of them making out on Neal's couch.
Highlander/NCIS/Rizzoli & Isles, Kate (Maura), Kate's been a lot of things in her long, long life. She never expected to go straight from NCIS agent to medical examiner, though.
Firefly/Star Trek, Serenity crew, Star Trek AU where Mal fought the Federation, not the Alliance
NCIS/Rizoli & Isles/Highlander/DCU, Kate Todd & Jason Todd, Even though he wasn't biologically her son, she still kept an eye on him, even if she'd moved on through several new lives.
BtVS/Spn, Angel/Layla Rourke, "You look like someone I once knew."
Sherlock BBC/The Big Bang Theory, John and Leonard, discussing Sherlock and Sheldon: "Don't you two have a roommate agreement?"
Highlander/Thor, Methos + Odin, there's more than one way to be a god
Angel(/Leverage), Lindsey (and Eliot as brothers), getting used to playing the white hat
HIMYM/TBBT, Barney, Raj & others, Barney can't talk to girls unless he's drunk. Realising Raj has the same problem actually helps a little.
Supernatural/Chuck, Bryce/Chuck&Dean/Sam, Bryce and Dean are the best agents the CIA has; Chuck and Sam are best friends who met at Stanford

CSI. Nick/Warrick. They never knew about us.

CSI: Miami, H/(+)Eric, Eric ponders the question, how do you thank your boss, brother, lover for not giving up when he was obviously bleeding out-and so many reasons to give up. (does not necessarily have to be slash)

CSI:NY, Don/Danny/Mac, Danny wasn't paralysed in the shooting but died instead and his partners try to cope.
CSI:NY, Adam Ross, NCIS

SPNRPS, any, he shouldn't find a dorky scarf and mittens so attractive but he does

Daredevil, Matt/any, "You look happy."

DCU, Barbara Gordon/any, the pain was good; the pain meant she was alive
DCU, all the dead parents, just because they are dead that doesn't mean they can't bitch about their kids
DCU, any, Batman is not above using his burned food as a weapon
DCU, Jason, Jay had accepted that Bruce will never kill the Joker. But it's still all going to end.
DCU, Tim Drake, The lockpick under his fingernail.
DCU, Batman + Red Hood, they call him the lost Robin but Batman knows exactly where he is
DCU, Zatanna, a different kind of magic
DCU, Damian Wayne, blood on his hands
DC Comics, Jason Todd/Roy Harper + Lian Harper, Lian loves her stepdaddy.
DC comics, Jason Todd, it's no_one's business but his own that he used to turn tricks when he was on the streets.
DCU, Jason Todd, Jason never tried to boost the tires from the Batmobile (Or alternately, didn't get caught)

Dexter, vampire!Rita, she didn't stay dead.

Doctor Who
Doctor Who, Amy/Rory & Eleven, Rory and Amy try to convince the Doctor to drop the bunk beds without having to say exactly why they'd prefer a king size in their room.
Doctor Who, any Doctor + any companion, "I said don't wander off!" "Oh, is that what you said? I thought you said 'point squander doff'."
Doctor Who, 9 or 10 /Rose, "I look like a drowned rat!" "At least you're a pretty rat."
Doctor Who. timelord!Rory/timelord!Amy, human!Doctor. The Centurion, the Pandorica, and their companion, doctor John Smith.
Doctor Who, Eleven + Rory(/Amy), the Doctor crashed in Rory's yard
Doctor Who, Rory, In ancient Rome, struggling with the prospect of being a soldier, Rory has to learn how to hurt people instead of healing them.
Doctor Who, Amy/Rory (with mentions of Doctor), he knows she misses him
Doctor Who, 11, Amy/Rory, What if they landed on a world where they could only speak 100 words per day?
Doctor Who, Amy/Rory, they're building an evil empire
Doctor Who, any in the 11th doctor era, Bad Wolf
Doctor Who, Eleven, his new companion is a cat
Doctor Who, Amy/Eleven, he told me he saved a turtle in the middle of the road.. i told him id be over in ten minutes...i mean he deserves a bj after that.
Doctor Who, Eleven to Ten, The way you were
Doctor Who, Ten (or Eleven) and any, The Doctor has always been the one who heard the drums

Dollhouse, Alpha/Topher, why Alpha let Topher live.
Dollhouse, Adele DeWitt, how she was recruited.
Dollhouse, Priya, "Every single night I suffer from anxiety."

Dragon Age 2
Dragon Age 2, Female!Hawke/Varric, truth

Dresden Files
Dresden Files, Marcone/Dresden, I'm not a gangster tonight Don't wanna be the bad guy I'm just a loner, baby _ I Can't Decide by Scissor Sisters

Fairy Tales
Fairy tales, Cinderella, Life's not all balls and glass slippers.

Firefly, Jayne/Simon, struggling with the idea that he wants to submit to Simon.
Firefly, Simon/Jayne, being Jayne's Dom is very challenging at times.
Firefly, Mal/Simon, finally getting an uninterrupted night together after a few weeks of jumping from one disaster to another.
Firefly, Mal/Simon, 'My bunk. Now.'
Firefly, wee!River & wee!Simon, pinky swear
Firefly, Simon/Jayne, the bullet grazed his temple
Firefly, Simon, Why he really boarded Serenity that day
Firefly, Book & Jayne, hearing Jayne's sort-of confession
Firefly; Crew; "I don't understand your definition of good news."
Firefly, Mal, More in love with the hunt than the prize
Firefly, Inara/Kaylee, hair

Fringe, Lee/alt!Lee, "You are incredibly good looking, you know that?"

Fullmetal Alchemist
Fullmetal Alchemist, Roy, solitaire
FMA, Gluttony, gets a tummy ache

Glee, Kurt + Karofsky + Santana + Blaine, a gay fantastic four
Glee, Kurt/Sam, teaching Sam how to dance.
Glee, Kurt/author's choice (Puck, Karofsky, Blaine), cuddled in front of the fire
Glee, Puck/Kurt, future fic in which one of them takes care of the other one when they're sick.
Glee, Blaine/Puck, Blaine's 21st birthday party.
Glee, outside pov on Kurt, He looked so little And weak and slim, I prayed the world Might be good to him.
Glee, Blaine/Kurt, I don’t know if your wings are real… but I’ve never seen you without them, and I follow you everywhere.
Glee, Burt & Kurt, the day he looked at his son and realized he was grown
Glee, Brittany/Santana, "What incriminating evidence? That picture was clearly photoshopped. It doesn't even look like us!"
Glee, Kurt, he sings The Band Perry's "If I Die Young" for the club one day (it's a warning, but no one catches on)

Good Omens
Good Omens, Crowley +/ Aziraphale, "Tell me, Crowley: is the abomination of a book called Twilight your work?"

Gossip Girl
Gossip Girl, Blair/Serena, claws

Gundam Wing
Gundam Wing Mobile Suit, any pairing of the 5 pilots, should really has little to do with is

Harry Potter
Harry Potter, any, owls vs. phones
Harry Potter, Peter Pettigrew, Peter does/makes/has something for Remus the morning after every full moon that Remus says helps more than anything else. (really I'm looking for sweetkid!Peter, possibly with muffins or soup)
Harry Potter, Percy Weasley, he made his London flat the exact opposite of the Burrow: clean, organized, and entirely his
Harry Potter, Voldemort, evil never dies
Harry Potter, Fred + George, the twins are on the other side - everybody run for your lives
Harry Potter, Sirius/Remus, coming home
Harry Potter, any, a spell goes wrong and suddenly all Gryffindors are lions
Harry Potter, Albus Severus +/ Scorpius, on a mission to make the Slytherin dungeon more homey
Harry Potter, Harry & Hermione, Hermione Granger is the Girl Who Lived and Harry Potter is the braniac.
Harry Potter, Albus Serverus/Scorpius, flying
Harry Potter, author’s choice, Petra Dursley (Gryffindor), Scorpius Malfoy (Ravenclaw), and Albus Potter (Slytherin) are the newest Golden Trio (and the heirs of the Weasley Twins, but that’s a secret)
Harry Potter, Albus Severus/Scorpius, in the common room

Hawaii Five-0
Hawaii 5-0 (2010), Steve/Danny, "Danny's gonna be fine, but he's on pain-killers and I've seen more coherent PCP addicts," Steve said.
Hawaii Five-0, author's choice, a kiss at midnight
Hawaii Five-0, Steve/Danny + Grace, Steve finally drops from exhaustion, and Grace and Danny make sure he gets his rest
Hawaii Five-0, Steve/Danny, renewing their vows
Hawaii Five_0, author's choice, a kiss at midnight

Heroes, Zach/Claire, freaks and geeks

Highlander, Methos, he's been a holy man more than once
Highlander, Methos/Kronos, Four Is Death
Highlander, Methos/Duncan, Horsemen of the Apocalypse
Highlander, Methos, he cannot remember ever having a hangover
Highlander, Duncan/Methos, turns out someone misunderstood something a long time ago and the Gathering is actually a compulsion to...
Highlander, Duncan/Methos, the answer is yes. oh yes.
Highlander/any vampire series, Methos, vampires have forgotten how to recognize Death... it's time they were taught to remember
Highlander, Methos +/ any, You were always hard to hold, so letting go is easy
Highlander, gen, Adam Pierson is a fairly mediocre fighter. Methos is not.
Highlander, Methos, His 3,000 year old diaries have many interesting stories.
Highlander, Methos, He loved all of his children. He hated burying them.
Highlander, any, getting killed in order to escape is one thing, killing yourself takes practice
Highlander, Methos, I am older than you, Man.I was there in your garden of Eden,and before: my roots go deeper than you know,deep into your heart and deeper still.They clasp the bones of your ancestorsand go deeper yet.
Highlander, Duncan/Methos, the last one standing. . .There can be only one. . .
Highlander, Methos, the only creature who can compare a big cat's roar to a dinosaur's
Highlander, Methos and the Watchers, Adam Pierson doesn't do anything suspicious like train in swords, but he is an experienced BASE jumper.
Highlander, Methos, scientists are theorising about the formation of the earth and it thrills Methos. Because there was life much so older than him
Highlander (tv series), any, Duncan dies instead of Richie
Highlander, Methos/Alexa, "make me immortal with a kiss"
Highlander, Richie, borrowed time

Hustle, Mickey/Danny, fun.

Inception, any character or pairing, "I'm allowed: I'm bleeding!"
Inception, Arthur/Eames & Arthur/Ariadne, when he told her "it's not you, it's me", he didn't mean it as a cheesy breakup line

Kane RPS
RPS, Christian Kane/Steve Carlson, ripped jeans
Kane RPS, horned!Steve/Chris, just smile for me (it's all I ask)
Kane RPS - Chris/Steve/Jensen - Southern Comfort (Shooter Jennings)
Kane RPS, Chris/Steve, reading kinky fic
RPS, Christian Kane/Steve Carlson, don't make me tell your Mama
Kane RPS, Chris/Steve, "You kiss even better when you're sober" (referring to "We were drunk! We were in London!")
Kane RPS, Chris/Steve, the first time he says "I love you" it's in a text
Kane RPS, Chris/Steve, Each always just knows when the other needs him
Kane RPS, Steve/Chris, one thing led to another
Kane RPS, Steve/Chris, blindfolded and waiting
RPS, Christian Kane/Steve Carlson, where else would i be?
Kane RPS, Steve/Chris, let me take care of you
Kane RPS, Steve/Christian, sometimes the depression pulls him under so far it seems like he's never going to recover
RPS, Christian Kane, self-gratification
Kane RPS, Chris/Steve, "Remind me why this seemed like a good idea, again."
KANE RPS, Chris/Steve, tour bus sex
Kane RPS, Chris/Steve, lava lamp
RPS, Christian Kane/Steve Carlson, i miss you
RPS, Chris/Steve, wish I could tell you...
Kane RPS, Chris/Steve, It's not often that Steve gets jealous, so Chris intends to enjoy it.

Leverage, Eliot Spencer, They don't realise the water is drugged, and Eliot ends up *really* fighting for survival[2x02 The Tap Out Job].
Leverage, Sophie&Eliot (or / if you like), So you stopped me potentially twisting my ankle or breaking a nail, and in the process you broke two ribs and your wrist?
Leverage, gen, playing the most dangerous game with Eliot is a bad idea
Leverage, De-Aged!Eliot/Team, Sophie and Nate attend the first Parents Day at Eliot's Kindergarden.
Leverage, any, dyeing one's hair purple
Leverage, Hardison/Eliot/Parker, one of them doesn't think (s)he is good enough for the others
Leverage, Eliot +Team, They still see him as a killer, they always will.
Leverage, Hardison/Parker, He'd expected to wait for her. He'd promised he would. He never thought he might wait too long
Leverage, Eliot/ or + Hardison, Hardison finds out that the first time Eliot got tortured was just days before Hardison started the sixth grade.
Leverage, Eliot +Team, In order to take down Moroue he had to go back to old dark places and now he's having trouble coming back.
Leverage, Hardison/Eliot/Parker, They can't say it with words but it's hidden in their actions (mostly in the ones no one else would ever guess)
Leverage, Eliot and any, real men wear pink
Leverage, Eliot (+ team possibly?), he never stopped working for Moreau
Leverage, Eliot + Team, "It's okay, you hear me? All of this. It's okay."
Leverage. Eliot/Parker Eliot has fantasy that he and Parker are married with a family.
Leverage, Nate/Sophie, Someone( a Mark, or old friends) overhearing a phone conversation and assuming Eliot, Parker, and Alec are Nate and Sophies kids.
Leverage, Eliot/any, you make me want to pretend to be a better man.
Leverage, Parker + team, She'd never known "family" until recently. Now she just doesn't understand why people make such a big deal about blood relations.
Leverage, Eliot/Team, Allowing the team to take care of him after an allergic reaction to something in the meal Sophie or Nate prepared.
Leverage, team!fic, they're superheros (with pyrokinesis, telekinesis, etc)
Leverage, Were!any/any(/any), The realisation that lycanthropy is spread through bodily fluids and so sex is totally out of the question.
Leverage, Eliot/Parker/Hardison, Parker assumes that the three of them are in a relationship together
Leverage, Hardison/Eliot/Parker, comfort
Leverage, Hardison/Eliot, demons
Leverage, Eliot, a six gun is a revolver that holds six bullets
Leverage, Eliot, some anniversaries just aren't worth celebrating
Leverage, Parker/any, Parker has a protective streak.
Leverage, Eliot, anniversary
Leverage, Eliot/Alec, AU! Eliot picks up a young hitchhiker named Alec who changes his life (temporarily or long term)
Leverage, Eliot, "Fortune favors the brave" (Not!)
Leverage, Eliot (& father), there's nobody Eliot hates more than his own father
Leverage, Hardison/Eliot, when Hardison wakes up, he can't believe Eliot's still there
Leverage; all-genderswitched Parker/Hardison/Eliot; an outside point of view.
Leverage, Eliot + Team, Eliot's subconscious is a bit of a minefield, and Sophie's latest brainwashing attempt triggers programming left behind by someone else
Leverage, Eliot/Hardison/Parker, Hardison isn't all that surprised when Eliot and Parker are better dancers than he is
Leverage, Eliot/Team, While in a small town the group experience racism/threatining notes smashed windows. At first they assume it's aimed toward Alec only to learn after an brutal attack on Eliot that he has always been the target.
(I remember a comment fic that dealt with the Eliot's and Parker's reactions when Alec was the target of racist behavior and wondered what it would be like for Eliot if he was the target due to his Native American haritage.)
Leverage, any, sometimes it feels better to think of yourself as a bad guy, even when you're doing good
Leverage, Eliot/any team member, the first time he shares a secret with one of them
Leverage, Girl!Eliot, If she was a guy she'd just be promiscuous, as a girl there are worse words
Leverage, Eliot/Hardison, Eliot woke up as a woman this morning, and Hardison can't take his eyes off of her
Leverage, Eliot and Team, His nice and normal parents come for a visit.
Leverage, Eliot/Hardison, the relationship between the prodigy violinist and the uprising country music star makes headlines
Leverage, Eliot + team, They were all surprised to discover Eliot became very affectionate when drunk.
Leverage, Parker (+ Team or just Eliot), Parker walks into their 'office' holding a baby and someone asks where did it come from. . .
Leverage, Parker + Team, so hungry I could eat a horse
Leverage, Parker (/Hardison), The worst thing she's ever done
Leverage, Parker, "Why did you do that?!" "You said we needed a distraction." "There was a fire alarm pull five feet away!"
Leverage; Parker, Eliot, and Hardison (or threesome!); they're the villains of this story.
Leverage, Parker/Eliot, A good fight is like a dance. A good relationship is like a battle.
Leverage, Parker/Hardison, overcoming the biggest bump in their relationship.
Leverage, Eliot or Eliot/team, Eliot admits to himself that he's at least a little in love with every one of his teammates
Leverage, Parker & Eliot, if she pickpockets him one more time....
Leverage, Eliot/author's choice, his was a lonely road, and comfort came at a cost
Leverage, Eliot/Hardison/Parker, "Where does it hurt?" "Everywhere."
Leverage, Team, Instead of Sam Nate was the one who got sick and died after being refused treatment by IYS. Sterling ended up going Rouge and bringing together the Leverage crew.
Leverage; Hardison /or& Eliot; Eliot doesn't allow peanuts in his kitchen anymore.
Leverage, Parker/Eliot, she still has nightmares about horses and clowns
Leverage, Alec/Parker/Eliot or Nate/Eliot, "Don't worry about me, I'm fine."
Leverage, Nate/Eliot, Every new injury Eliot gets breaks Nate's heart just a little more
Leverage, Eliot+team, hiding his injuries
Leverage, Eliot/Hardison/Parker, "is that a....unicorn?"
Leverage; Nate/Hardison, Eliot; Eliot is Hardison's friend, and as such it is his responsibility to give the "if you hurt him" talk.

Life, Charlie/Ted (can be just friendship), conspiracy theories

The Listener
The Listener, Toby/Oz, everyone has a final straw

Little Women
Little Women ; Beth ; Her wasting illness wasn't exactly what it seemed, and the new life that she passed into was not at all what her family supposed it to be
Little Women ; any ; What happened to Beth's dolls after her death?
Little Women ; Any ; Better with zombies
Little women, Amy/Laurie, she couldn't tell Jo that she kissed Laurie
Little Women, Cast, Too much syrup in the speech is unbecoming.

Lord of the Rings
LOTR, Haldir/Faramir, the first time they laid eyes on each other

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