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Thursday - the supernatural

Wow, where did this week go?

Thank you to everyone for making my hosting duties such fun and I hope you guys enjoyed the ride!

For my final theme of the week, I'm going to indulge myself a bit and open up the theme to all things that are supernatural/unexplained/go bump in the night. This can mean vampires and werewolves or ouija boards and magicians... you are only limited by your imagination. If it is unexplained, mythical or magical, then its fair game today.

As always, any fandom, pairing or grouping are welcome, just please be kind and format your prompts correctly.

Fandom, Pairing, Prompt
Fandom1/Fandom2, Pairing, Prompt

Some examples of todays theme might be:

Leverage, Eliot/authors choice, gypsy curse
RPS, JDM/Christian Kane, siren song

Finally, if nothing strikes your fancy in today's theme, there are always the Lonely Prompt indexes waiting for some love and affection.

Thank you again for a great week and happy prompting!


May. 4th, 2009 05:44 am (UTC)
House isn't sure just exactly how he got this lucky, but he knows this is a night he'll never forget.

She was that girl at the bar that no man in the place could keep his eyes off of, but few would dare to approach -- and he was not one of those bold few. House was a realist, and knew better than to think he had a chance with a drop-dead gorgeous bombshell less than half his age like her.

Lucky for him that she decided to approach him.

Next thing he knew, they were in his apartment, and he was tied down to his own bed, allowing this dark, mysterious seductress do things to him that he knew better than to allow a stranger to try.

This was the exception to every possible rule.

She's just finished giving him the most mind-shattering blow job he's ever experienced in his life -- every sensation heightened by her startling strength as she pinned his hips to the bed, not allowing him even the slightest movement as she had her wicked way with him -- when his cell phone rings.

He's indisposed, his wrists bound to the headboard, and she casually picks up his phone from the nightstand, reading the words on the screen with a dubiously raised brow.

"'The twins'?"

"Not... actual twins," House breathlessly tries to explain, suddenly thinking that it's probably not a good idea to make this girl jealous or angry at the moment. "That's just the name I use in my phone for my boss."

She just stares at him as the phone continues to ring, waiting for more explanation.

"It's a boob reference, 'cause she's a hot female who dresses like a slut and shows them off all day..."

"Oh, so she thinks she's competition, then..."

"Wait... what? No..."

Before he can stop her, she's answered his phone.


"... Um... I'm sorry is this Gregory House's phone?"

"Yeah. And you missed your chance, bitch. Buh-bye now."

House stares with wide, stunned eyes as she flips the phone closed, turns it off and tosses it across the room before returning her full attention to him. He can't suppress a grin at the intense, dangerously seductive look in her eyes as her mouth descends upon him again.

This is definitely going to be fun.
May. 4th, 2009 08:51 am (UTC)
Hmmm...House might have some explaining to do in the morning! Don't know the crossover but this was hot anyway :)
May. 4th, 2009 07:46 pm (UTC)
hehe... you dont know buffy? O.O

the shame!!! ;) hehehe


thanx, love, glad you liked it despite not knowing the character :)
May. 5th, 2009 06:08 am (UTC)

i could sooo see this happening.

(don't tell my sister that though, she's a complete buffy/faith shipper *nods* )

perfectly done as usual though ^_^
May. 5th, 2009 06:15 am (UTC)
hehe... thanx so much, love, glad you liked it... i never would have thought of this pairing, but that was the prompt... and i actually had a lot of fun writing it :) glad you liked it ;) *hugs*


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