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Thursday - the supernatural

Wow, where did this week go?

Thank you to everyone for making my hosting duties such fun and I hope you guys enjoyed the ride!

For my final theme of the week, I'm going to indulge myself a bit and open up the theme to all things that are supernatural/unexplained/go bump in the night. This can mean vampires and werewolves or ouija boards and magicians... you are only limited by your imagination. If it is unexplained, mythical or magical, then its fair game today.

As always, any fandom, pairing or grouping are welcome, just please be kind and format your prompts correctly.

Fandom, Pairing, Prompt
Fandom1/Fandom2, Pairing, Prompt

Some examples of todays theme might be:

Leverage, Eliot/authors choice, gypsy curse
RPS, JDM/Christian Kane, siren song

Finally, if nothing strikes your fancy in today's theme, there are always the Lonely Prompt indexes waiting for some love and affection.

Thank you again for a great week and happy prompting!


May. 4th, 2009 06:17 am (UTC)
She hates inter-dimensional missions.

There are always so many strange changes to deal with, things that seem utterly normal to people in the new dimension, but are so strange to her.

For example, they told her that in this dimension, "she" was once a captive of the organization she's been sent to take down, but "she" escaped several years prior. Faith thinks that probably will make it easier than if her alter ego was still around, in which case she'd have to avoid her, etc.

At least this way she'll only have to avoid anyone who might mistake her for that person -- which is most likely everyone.

She's making her way through the halls, trying to find her way to the main control room, when someone enters the empty hall where she's hiding. She freezes -- but the young man doesn't seem bothered by her presence.

He stares at her blankly, a quizzical expression on his face, and she realizes that he's not a threat, but a captive of this vile organization himself. As she gives him a disarming smile, he frowns slightly as if puzzled.

"Hey, there," she addresses him with unusual gentleness, aware that upsetting him would not be in her best interests. "I think you should go back that way..."

He nods slowly, accepting her suggestion, and turns to walk away. He paused after a moment, however, turning to look at her again.

"Do I... do I know you?" he asks softly, sounds pitifully lost and confused.

"No, I... I don't think so," she admits. "Go on, now."

He obeys, disappearing out into the main room again, and she continues on her way toward the control room, trying not to think about the way he struggled to recognize her -- the way his memories, his very self, have been stolen from him as they've been stolen from everyone else in this place.

It doesn't matter anymore.

In a few short minutes, he and all the others will be free.
Jul. 3rd, 2009 04:52 am (UTC)
Nice crossover.
Jul. 3rd, 2009 07:54 pm (UTC)
thanx, love, glad you liked it :)


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