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Ello Poppets, hanorganaas again. Today is my last day of posting and again I had a blast. And the moment I finish with this I am definitely asking to guest host again.

Today's theme is Rock Music. That's right good OL' music filled with, fast pace, teenage angst, electric guitars, loud drumbeats and of course ecentric band members. You can have a variety of things, you can have songfic with your favorite rock song, prompt with a line from your favorite song, have a character jamming along to a song on the radio or at a rock concert, have a few characters form an indie rock band or maybe go as far as just prompting RPFS Bandslash. Go crazy and have fun.

While we want to have fun we have to remember the rules

♥ No more than five prompts in a row.
♥ No more than three prompts from one fandom at a time.
♥ No spoilers in your prompt until at least one week after the original airing/publication date. If there are spoilers in your fic, warn in bold and leave at least three spaces

To make it easier on our code monkies remember the following format:

fandom(s), character or pairing, prompt

Here a Few Examples:

Stargate Atantis, John Sheppard/Rodney McKay, You've Got To Hide Your Love Away-The Beatles
Green Day RPF, Mike Dirnt/Billie Joe Armstrong, Meeting for The First Time
The Hunger Games, Haymitch/Effie, I want you to want me, I need you to need me, I'd love you to love me, I'm begging you to beg me
Hawaii Five-0, Steve/Danny, You've been Thunderstruck

Good Luck and May The Odds Ever Be In Your Favor.

[theme tag=rockmusic]

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