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Welcome to Comment Fic

Pardon our dust while we finish getting things established. We're working hard to make this a fun place to hang out and enjoy some awesome little snippets of fic/porn.

First, let me introduce you to the people helping to make this happen:

amara_m - That's me. I'm also phantisma, and I hosted Comment Porn month in December and got persuaded into opening up a comm just so we could continue the fun!

monica_catch22 - Co-Mod and Head Calender Monkey - She will be keeping track of who is hosting and sending them reminders by email. More about hosts and hosting to be found below.

idiosyncratic - Co-Mod and Head Tag Monkey - She will be responsible for keeping our tags list up to date. Any host who needs a new tag (new fandom, new rps player, etc) will contact her to get them added.

badfalcon - Co-Mod - She looks pretty and writes great porn! She will be helping us out around here, keeping things moving and shaking and stuffs.

havenward - Head Code Monkey - She will be responsible for wrangling the code monkeys who are responsible for coding the indexes with links to all the good stuff. We are also in need of more Code Monkeys,see below for more info.

What is this Guest Hosting Thing?

We are looking for people who are willing to play host to the porn for a week (Monday through Friday). The guest host will be responsible for choosing the day's theme (het, slash, threesomes, dopplegangers, SPN, RPS...really anything and everything, limited only by YOUR imagination). The guest host will also be responsible for posting the day's post with the theme and any additional information necessary.

The day's post can be posted anytime after midnight, but preferably before 9am so that people have all day to play. There is no need for the host to know html or any special stuff. We are working at providing the links in the sidebar to all of the indexes so that none of that needs to be coded into your post.

You will get email reminders from our Calendar Monkey to help you along. We just need you to tell us when you want to host and if you have an idea of what themes you plan to post (just so we can space things out and not end up with a bunch of similar themes in a row)

If you would like to be a guest host, head on over to this post and let us know!

We need Code Monkeys! Essentially, this would require basic html skills, and a commitment from you to code indexes one day per week. havenward is in charge and can provide more details if you ask, I'm sure.

If you'd like to help out, please comment with the following:
Code Monkey , available days
Example: Code Monkey amara_m, Sat, Sun, Wed

Thank you all for being so awesome! We now have a full stable of Monkeys. And a llama. Wait. Is it a stable? Maybe for the llama? Tree. We have a tree full of monkeys, and a llama.

We'll shout out in the future if we have someone who needs to drop out.

The fun thing about comment porn and multi-fandom involvement is exposure to new fandoms, new writers, new-to-us writers, unusual pairings, not to mention the discovery of new kinks, fetishes and other fun things.

Rules are listed on the user info page. They are, of course, subject to change as things get moving along. We aim to start off tomorrow with our first Saturday Free-For-All, so make sure you come by!

Expect layout changes and pretty graphics to be forthcoming!

Welcome everyone! I hope this is a fun, fun, fun adventure for all of us!
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