a malcontent who knows how to spell (idiosyncratic) wrote in comment_fic,
a malcontent who knows how to spell

Friday Free-For-All

It's Friday, so that means anything goes!

Crossovers, AUs, weird pairings, gen, het, slash, you name it.  Go wild and have fun.  Just remember a few things.

One prompt per comment, and please format them correctly to help out our poor, hard working codemonkeys.  Format should be:

Fandom, pairing, prompt or Fandom/Fandom, pairing, prompt.

Lotrips, Harry/Orlando, smile like you mean it

Supernatural/Leverage, John/Eliot, nice gun

Also, please keep in mind that overloading the post with prompts isn't nice, so please limit yourself to just a few prompts at a time and string them out over the day.  And if you can't find something to tickle your fancy today, there's always the lonely prompts!

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