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Last Week's Completed Lonely Prompts + Contest Entries

So sorry this is late guys! I completely forgot that I hadn't put it up yet! :facepalms:

Angel, Angel/Cordy, missing you

Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Buffy, Anya/Giles, I might try to make you stay
Buffy, Anya/Giles, You don't know how lovely you are
Buffy, Spike/Tara, coming home
Buffy, Spike/Adult!Dawn, waiting
Buffy, Spike/Tara, if they only knew
Buffy, Spike/Dawn, a dangerous affair
Buffy, Spike/Anya, more than a one-night stand
Buffy, Spike/Buffy, ashamed
Buffy, Spike/Dawn, secret stash
Buffy, Spike/Xander, helpless
BTVS, Anya/Giles, Temptation
Buffy, Buffy/Spike, if I'd met you first
Buffy, Spike/Buffy, Closer
Buffy or AtS, Giles/anyone or Wesley/anyone, sex in a library

Comics/Graphic Novels
DCU; Zachary Zatara/Timothy Drake (Robin III); magical make out session

RPS, Jensen Ackles/Steve Carlson, bubble wrap
RPS, Chris/Chad, cocky smart-ass
RPF (or RPS), goth!verse-JDM/author's choice, office
RPS, Chris/Steve/Jensen, Not a joke
RPS, Jeffrey Dean Morgan/Author choice, stupidity
RPS, superhero!Jensen/author's choice, tights
RPS, Jared/Jensen, close, but not close enough...
RPS, Chris/Misha/Jeff, playing with the new toy
RPF, Jared/Jensen/Danneel, an acceptable arrangement
RPS, Jeff/Jared/Jensen, in trouble
RPS, goth!verse-Michael Rosenbaum/author's choice, ever so slightly insaneRPS, Jeff/Misha, shibari

Gossip Girl
Gossip Girl, Chuck/author's choice, "I like to live in an altered state/it makes me love all the things I hate" Altered State by Teddy Thompson
Gossip Girl, Blair/Dan, late nights
Gossip Girl, Chuck/Dan, the time has come

House MD, House/Cameron, Stubborn

Kane RPS
RPS, Christian Kane/Steve Carlson, jetlag
RPS, Christian/Steve, addicted
RPS, vampire!Steve/Chris, caffeine is a drug too
RPS, Vampire!Steve/Chris, too much
RPS, Winged!Chris/Steve, trace
RPS, Vampire!Steve/Chris, plans
Kane RPS, ranch owner!Steve/cowboy!Chris, a helping hand
RPS, Chris/Steve, tornado warning
RPS, Kane/Carlson, ice cubes
RPS, Vampire!Steve/Chris, morning
RPS, Christian Kane/author's choice, tequila
Kane RPS, Chris/Steve/JDM, missing the show
RPS, Christian/Steve, do you remember?
Kane RPS, Chris/Steve, what I've been wishing for
RPS, Goth!Chris/Goth!Steve, vibrator
RPS, Goth!Chris/Goth!Steve, too much
RPS, Chris/Steve/Jeff, squirm
RPS, Chris/Steve, let's get you home
RPS, Chris/Steve/Jeff, calm down
RPS, Chris/Steve/Jeff, shower
Kane RPS, Goth!Chris/Goth!Steve, Egyptian Book of the Dead
RPS/Dollhouse, Doll!Chris/Handler!Steve, alone
RPS/Dollhouse, Doll!Chris/Handler!Steve, dreaming
RPS, Tipsy!Steve/Chris, but the couch looks so comfortable
RPS, Chris/Steve/Jeff, just let go
RPS, Stoned!Steve/Chris/Jeff, giggling
RPS, Spy!Steve/Linguist!Chris, secrets and lies
RPS, Goth!Chris/Goth!Steve, raindrops

Leverage/Angel, Eliot/Lindsey, embarrassing photos
Leverage, Nate/Eliot, When you are with me/I 'm free/I'm careless/I believe (Creed, My Sacrifice)
Leverage, Nate/Eliot, mistake
Leverage, de-aged!Eliot/Nate, "but I'm not tired..."
Leverage, Eliot/Nate/Alec, payback
Leverage, Alec/Eliot, save a horse/ride a cowboy
Leverage, Eliot/Alec, "Don't tell Nate we found a video of Parker and Sophie on YouTube..."
Leverage, Nate/Eliot, star sprinkles
Leverage, Eliot/Hardison, Eliot's a secret World of Warcraft addict, and his and Alec's characters have been having an online affair for months.
Leverage, Nate/Eliot, another thing to forget
Leverage, Hardison/Eliot, "Pick up the damn phone!"
Leverage, de-aged!Eliot/Nate, are we there yet?
Leverage, Feral!Vamp!Nate/Eliot, connection

Lotrips, Orlando/Karl, hustlers
LOTRips, Orlando/Elijah, delayed flight
Lotrips, Orlando/Karl, lightweight
Lotrips, Karl/Viggo/Orlando, getting clean
Lotrips, Dom/Elijah, baking a cake

Misc. RPS
RPS, Orlando Bloom/Gerard Butler, He'd never tell him
RPS, Orlando Bloom/Jake Gyllenhaal, I didn't mean to...
RPF, Jake Gyllenhaal/Drew Barrymore, lollipop
Panic at the Disco, Brendon/Jon, made of awesome
Merlin RPS, Colin Morgan/Bradley James, kisses

Oz, Beecher/Keller, tally marks on the wall

SGA RPS, David/Jason/Joe, "someone's a pretty pretty princess"

Stargate SG-1, Daniel/Vala, cat people and dog people
Stargate SG-1, Daniel/Cam, "I'm beginning to think we should have gone with the guinea pig."
SG1, Sam/Jack, thunderstorm
SG1, Jack/Daniel, shared grief
Stargate SG1, Jack/Daniel, midnight snack
Stargate SG-1, Jack/Daniel, daddy!kink
SG-1, Daniel/Merlin/Adria, control
Stargate SG-1, Daniel/anybody, Indiana Jones
SG-1, Jack/Daniel, animalistic mating rituals
SG-1, Jack/Daniel, I changed the pre-sets in my truck
Stargate SG-1, Sam/Jack, "Super Sam"
SG-1, Jack/Daniel, Carter: "We have no coffee, sir!"
SG-1, Cam/Sam/Daniel, water

SGA, Ronon/Carson, unexpected
SGA, John/Rodney, I wanted to be an actor/writer
SGA, John/Rodney, gay!universe
SGA, John/Rodney, edgeplay
SGA, John/Rodney, shock treatment
SGA, Radek/Rodney, Dungeons and Dragons
SGA, John/Rodney, fly on the wall
SGA, Rodney, rainbow
SGA, Rodney/author's choice, Canadian cold
Stargate: Atlantis, Radek/John, coffee supply
Stargate Atlantis, John/Rodney, green
SGA, Sam/Keller, tease
SGA, John/Rodney, John and Rodney try to play a practical joke on Weir, it fires back
Stargate SG1, Jack/Teal'c, American Pie
SG1, Jack/Daniel, flashbacks
SGA, Rodney/John (Rodney/Keller), 'oh yes, but what a shame, what a shame the poor groom's bride is a whore'
Stargate Atlantis, Teyla/Rodney, cultural differences
SGA, author's choice, Star Trekking

SGA/SG1, Rodney/Daniel, Allergies
SG1/SGA, Sam/Rodney, brain sex

Supernatural, Sam/Sarah, recipe
Supernatural, Sam/Dean, kink
Supernatural, Dean/Bar girl, "How did you get that scar?"
SPN, Dean/Sam, In Hell all you have are memories

Leverage/Angel, Alec/Eliot/Lindsey, blackmail
RPS/RPS/SPN, Father Morgan/daddy!Jeff/evil!John, pretty when you cry
SG1/SGA, Cam/John, Terminator would kick Robocop's ass!
Leverage/RPS/Angel, Nate/Triplets, "Guess who..."

Contest Participants

300, Dilios/Leonidas, heat
Boondock Saints, Connor/Murphy, "mirror, mirror on the wall...".
Die Hard 4.0, John/Matt, after the adrenaline rush
Friends, Ross/Rachel, losing you
Rebel Without a Cause, Jim/Plato, visions of the future
Sleeping Beauty, Malificent/Prince Philip, chained
Survivors Tom/Anya searching for food together
Troy, Hector & Paris. Hector must sacrifice Paris' virginity to the gods.
Troy, Paris & Hector, wine
Ugly Betty, Betty/Daniel, unexpected
Medium, Allison/Lee, bar secrets
Sahara, Dirk Pitts/Al Giordino, sleeping in
One Tree Hill, Brooke/Julian, what can I say
Ladyhawke, Navarre/Isabeau, dawn

Angel the Series
Angel, Angel/Lindsey, "Angel, the chaps are NOT a turn on."

Being Human
Being Human, George/Mitchell, headphones with the volume up
Being Human, George/Annie, hugs
Being Human, George/Annie/Mitchell, It's time to say goodbye

Bones, Hodgins/Zack, experiment

Buffy, Spike/Buffy, the best night of his life

Burn Notice
Burn Notice, Michael/Fiona, in the rain

Castle, Rick Castle/Kate Beckett, rising action
Castle, Kate/Castle, purple prose

CSI, Lady Heather/Catherine, strength
CSI, Grissom/Lady Heather, White lace

CSI: Miami
CSI Miami. H/Speedle. He's still be haunted by the possibilities.

CSI: NY, Danny/Flack, Beer
CSI NY. Danny/Don or Mac. It means living your life in the dark

Criminal Minds
Criminal Minds, Morgan/Reid, sticky heat
Criminal Minds, Hotch/author's choice, is it hopeless and forlorn

DC/Marvel, Catwoman/Gambit, even the score
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Smallville, Chloe/Oz, heat (aka mating)
Smallville/Spider-Man, Chloe/Peter, here with me
Criminal Minds/Smallville, Chloe/Reid, new bathtub

Dark Angel
Dark Angel, Logan/Alec scrabble
Dark Angel, Alec/Logan, furry porn

Demons, Galvin/Luke, sex magic

Dexter, Dexter/Rita, mementos

Dr. Horrible Sing-a-long
Dr.Horrible, Dr.Horrible/Penny, A whole new world from Aladdin.
Dr.Horrible, Dr. Horrible/Penny, "A whole new world."
Dr. Horrible's sing along blog, Penny/Billy, frozen yogurt
Doctor Horrible's sing-along-blog, author's choice, Penny never died
Dr. Horrible, Dr. Horrible/Captain Hammer, college flashback

Doctor Who
Doctor Who, Captain Jack/Rose, dancing
Doctor Who, The Ninth Doctor/Jack Harkness, whips and chains
Doctor Who, Rose/Ten, unorthodox picnic locations

Dollhouse, Ballard/Lubov, rope

Eureka, Carter/Stark, watching the night sky

Firefly, Simon/Jayne, apples
Firefly, Jayne/Simon, "Doc, that hurts."
Firefly, Mal/author's choice, battle of Serenity

Gilmore Girls
Gilmore Girls, Rory/Jess, I'm still waiting there
Gilmore Girls, Rory/Jess, I thought of you and where you'd gone

Grey's Anatomy
Grey's Anatomy, Mark/Derek, chief.
Grey's Anatomy, Denny/Bomb Guy, Time

Harry Potter
Harry Potter, Sirius/Remus, may angels lead you in
Harry Potter, Severus Snape/James Potter snr, awkward hate!sex
Harry Potter, Harry/Seamus, meeting his mam

Heroes, Zach/Claire, Activating Evolution (ie., Chandra's book)
Heroes, Adam/Elle, angel food cake
Heroes, Mohinder/Sylar, the moment of discovery
Heroes, Haitian/Lyle, can you keep a secret?
Heroes, Sylar/Peter, the first time we met
Heroes, Claire/Lyle, watching fanvids of Lost's Boone and Shannon
Heroes, Hiro/Charlie, blushing virgins
Heroes, Sylar/Luke, "you melted the door handle?"
Heroes, Mohinder/Matt, "Just because it's brightly-colored doesn't mean it's Molly's!"
Heroes, Sylar/Luke, tax collector

Hollyoaks, John Paul/Kieron, spooning

House, House/Wilson, Skiing Holiday
House MD, Author's choice of pairing, Feather
House, House/Thirteen, exploration
House, House/Wilson, secret sins
House, House/Wilson, only one night
House, House/Wilson, lying to protect you
House, House/Wilson, secret pain
House, House/Wilson, the only secret is that everybody knows
House, House/Cuddy, Things can be better, you can be happy. Try.
House MD, House/Wilson, "So, I did Chase."
House, House/dom!Wilson, all tied up
House MD, House/Wilson, Anything to make you smile
House, House/Wilson, faithful
House, House/Wilson, surprise roleplay
House, House/dark!Wilson, beautiful when you're broken
House, House/Wilson, truth hurts
House, House/Wilson, Pain Clinic
House, House/Wilson, mind control
House, House/Wilson, one of them turned into an animal of some kind
House, House/Wilson, count on you to hurt me
House, House/Wilson/Amber (sub!House), with abandon

How I Met Your Mother
How I Met Your Mother, Robin/Lily, "Is this a bad time?"

Law & Order (all)
Law & Order: CI, Eames/Goren, lost
Law & Order SVU, Finn/Munch, conspiracies

Leverage, Nate/Eliot, 'just go - run!'
Leverage, Hardison/Eliot, under a clear blue sky
Leverage; Eliot/Alec; "don't you dare put that on youtube!"
Leverage, Parker/Eliot, running from bombs vs. saving the pretty art
Leverage, dom!Nate/Eliot, the devil's touch
Leverage, Vampire!Nate/Eliot, sweet tooth
Leverage, vampire!Nate/Eliot, hold your breath
Leverage, vampire!Nate/Eliot, "we've already been forever damned"
Leverage, Eliot/Hardison, love is just a series of chemical reactions
leverage, eliot/hardison/parker, how to make friends and influence people
Leverage, vamp!Nate/Eliot, affirmation
Leverage, Vamp!Nate/Eliot, sensation
Leverage, Parker/Eliot/Hardison, friendly competion
Leverage, Nate/Hardison, burying
Leverage, Nate/Eliot, christening the new base
Leverage, Parker/Hardison/Eliot, pegging
Leverage, Eliot/Hardison, their song
Leverage, Eliot/Nate, just let me work my magic...
Leverage, Eliot Spencer dangled Alec Hardison over a cliff, "It's not what you think"

Leverage/SPN, Eliot and all, baby's first day
Leverage/Supernatural, Eliot/Dean, friends

Angel/Leverage, Lindsey/Eliot, dreams

Lie to Me
Lie to Me, Lightman/Loker, you're a better liar than anyone we put away
Lie to Me, Loker/Lightman, weekends

Life, Charlie/Ted (can be friendship), breakfast
Life, Crews/Reese, tattoos

Lost, Sun/Hurley, "yeah, Jin taught me"
Lost, Charlie/Desmond, Desmond's blue shirt
Lost, Kate/Sayid, the couple that hunts boar together stays together
Lost, Sayid/Shannon, enunciating
Lost, Charlie/Desmond, bar fight
Lost, Charlie/Sawyer, sand in awkward places
Lost, Charlie/Desmond, lady's underwear
LOST, Sawyer/Sayid/Desmond, handcuffs (restraints)
Lost, Charlie/Jack, temporary blindness
Lost, Ana Lucia/Sayid, uniform
Lost, Charlie/Liam, downhill slope
Lost, Jack/Kate, thinking of Sawyer
Lost, Charlie/Jack/Sawyer, comfort
Lost, Charlie/Desmond, Warwick Avenue - Duffy
Lost, Daniel/Miles, consciously
Lost, Daniel/Miles, Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)
Lost, Claire/Juliet, enough
Lost, Scott/Steve, unanswered
Lost, Daniel/Frank, conceivable
Lost, Sawyer/Sayid, fierce
Lost, Desmond/Daniel forever
Lost, Boone/Charlie, what comes next

Merlin, Merlin/Arthur, smiles
Merlin, Merlin/Lancelot, kiss
Merlin, Merlin/Arthur, work!AU
Merlin, Merlin/Arthur, hallucination
Merlin, Arthur/Lancelot/Merlin, quiet.
Merlin, Merlin/Arthur, the red shirt.
Merlin, Arthur/Lancelot/Merlin, this doesn't change anything.
Merlin, Merlin/Arthur, pie
Merlin, Merlin/Arthur. sexual politics
Merlin, Arthur/Merlin, future!AU end of the world
Merlin, Merlin/Arthur, collection of secrets.
Merlin, Arthur/Merlin, I can't pretend anymore

Merry Gentry
Merry Gentry, Doyle/Frost, black Opal

NCIS, Gibbs/DiNozzo, roleplay
NCIS, Abby Sciuto/author's choice (if any), not everything is explained by science
NCIS, Gibbs/DiNozzo, tell me something I don't know
NCIS, Gibbs/DiNozzo, where in hell did I put the damn thing?
NCIS, Tony/Gibbs, Like Pulling A Rabbit From A Hat
NCIS, Gibbs/Dinozzo, another boat half done
NCIS, Gibbs/Abby, make me forget

Numb3rs, Larry/Megan, visiting
Numb3rs, Colby/David, undercover
Numbers, David/Colby, partners
Numb3rs, Charlie/Colby, Afraid
Numb3rs, Charlie/Colby, Under the desk

Primeval, Abby/Connor, cheeky
Primeval, Nick/Stephen, missed a train - how they could have met
Primeval, Nick/Stephen, happiness
Primeval, Nick/Connor, Light
Primeval, Nick/Connor, the edge
Primeval, Nick/Connor, "Wanna see a trick I can do with these scissors?"
Primeval, Nick/Connor, this time everything will go right
Primeval, Nick/Stephen, when you're gone
Primeval, Nick/Stephen, there was always someone in the way
Primeval, Nick/Connor, The Bourne Trilogy
Primeval, Claudia/Helen, vicious
Primeval, Nick/Connor, injured
Primeval, Nick/Connor, skin

Queer As Folk
QaF, Brian/Michael, reminders of the past

CWRPS, Jared/Jensen, mine's bigger than yours...
RSP, senior!Jensen/freshman!Jared, high school pranks
CWRPS, Jensen/Jared, no more candy!
RPS, Jared/Jensen, show off
RPS, goth!verse-Jensen/Jared, shiver
RPS, Jared/Jensen, hangman
RPS, Misha/Jensen, tell me lies, tell me sweet little lies
RPS/Dollhouse, doll!Jensen/handler!Jared, heat
RPS/Dollhouse, doll!Jensen/handler!Jared, look
RPS, Spy!Steve/Handler!Jeff, job gone wrong
RPS, Spy!Steve/Linguist!Chris, wounded
RPS, Kitten!Chris/Vampire!Steve, hide and seek
RPS, Chris/Steve, changing room
RPS, Chris/Steve, family
RPS/Dollhouse, Doll!Chris/Handler!Steve, stay with me
RPS/Dollhouse, doll!Chris/handler!Steve, remember
RPS/Dollhouse, Doll!Chris/Handler!Steve, regrets
RPS, Chris/author's choice, rush
RPS, Jensen Ackles/Steve Carlson, I'd give up forever to touch you
Heroes RPS, Adrian Pasdar/Milo Ventimiglia, hamming it up for the fans
Wanted RPS - Angelina Jolie/James McAvoy, overheard
LotR, Orlando Bloom/Sean Bean, Why didn't you tell me?

Scrubs, JD/author's choice, JD is found hiding in a closet to avoid work

SG-1, Jack/Daniel, undercover
SG-1, Jack/Daniel, never forgotten

SGA, John/author's choice, space cowboy
SGA, Rodney/Author's choice + John, John is the best man at Rodney's wedding
SGA, Teyla/author's choice, battle scars
SGA, John/Ronon, memories
SGA, Sam/Rodney, ocean air

Skins, Maxxie/Tony, not a pity fuck

Smallville, Oliver/Zatanna, "You wanted to see me?"

Supernatural, Dean/Cassie, tears washed away by the rain
Supernatural, Sam/Dean, Lie to me
Supernatural, Dean/Castiel, a pair of red panties
Supernatural, young!winchesters(not wincest), hide and seek
SPN, Stanford!Sam/Hustler!Dean, winner takes all
Supernatural, Sam/Dean, ooops
Supernatural, Sam/Dean, Hell
Supernatural, Sam/Dean, hot under the hood
Supernatural, Dean/demon!Sam, collecting on a deal
Supernatural, Dean/Castiel, Dean really hated witches
Supernatural, Dean/ofc, "whoops" moment
Spn Dom!Dean/Sam voyeur omcs "Show them you are mine"
Supernatural, Dean/Chief, punishment/purification
SPN, Sam/Sarah, summer
Supernatural, Castiel/Dean, "you disappearing son of a bitch"
Supernatural, Dean/Castiel, preparing for a date
Supernatural; Sam/female character; thanks for the memories
SPN, wing!Dean/Sam, tight
SPN, Sam/Dean, Lifeguards
SPN, Sam/Dean, Mmm, you taste like butter
SPN, Sam/Dean, caught in the act, OPOV
Supernatural, Sam/Ruby, "Witchy Woman" (Eagles)
SPN, Dean/Sam, bitch is totally a pet-name!
Supernatural, Girl!Sam/Dean, public sex
SPN, Mary/Ellen, shadows
Supernatural, Dean/Sam, grasshopper
Supernatural, Sam/Dean OR Dean/Castiel, When you are with me/I 'm free/I'm careless/I believe (Creed, My Sacrifice)
SPN, Dean/Sam, teamwork
SPN, Sam/Dean, eyes
SPN, Dean/Castiel, He couldn't possibly know.
Supernatural, Sam/Dean, Trickster strikes again
Supernatural, Sam/Dean, Sweet 16
SPN, Dean/Castiel, Do you remember falling?
SPN, Sam/Dean, Nervous

Supernatural/Dark Angel
Supernatural/Dark Angel, Sam/Alec, Not my brother
Supernatural/Dark Angel, Castiel/Alec, "You remind me of a charge I once had"
Supernatural/Dark Angel, Sam/Alec, "Shut up and fuck me."
Supernatural/Dark Angel, Sam/Alec, "Dean?"

NCIS/SPN, Abby/Sam, laptop versus desktop

Supernatural/Bones, Sam/Booth, seeing ghosts

The Fast and the Furious
The Fast and the Furious, Dom/Brian, shop talk
The Fast and the Furious, Brian/Dom, forget about the past

The Mentalist
The Mentalist, Jayne/author's choice, see through me

TW, Captain Jack/Ianto, bad coffee
Torchwood, Jack/Ianto, licking wounds
TW, Jack/Ianto, sneak attack
Torchwood, Jack/Ianto, midnight show
TW, Jack/Ianto, frightened
TW, Jack/Ianto, on top of/underneath Jack's desk

Tru Calling
Tru Calling, Jack/Tru, make you sorry

Veronica Mars
Veronica Mars, Veronica/Logan, Let's compare scars
Veronica Mars, Piz/Mac; awkward
Veronica Mars, Veronica/Logan, "Can you trust me?"

Watchmen, Dan/Rorschach, When we were partners
Watchmen, Daniel/Rorschach, Archimedes (Merlin's owl)

X-Files, Mulder/Scully, snoring
X-Files, Mulder/Scully/Skinner, handcuffs
X-Files, Mulder/Scully, You have over one hundred what?

X-Men, Scott/Rogue, victory not easily won
X-Men, Northstar/Iceman, coming out
X-Men (anyverse), Cyclops/Rogue, lollipop

Lost/Heroes, Daniel/Mohinder, ridicule
ER/Gilmore Girls/Supernatural, Julia Wise/Rory/Sam, "I need help!"
Fantastic 4/Smallville, Johnny/Chloe, wild as an animal
Heroes/SPN, Adam Monroe/John Winchester, animalistic marking/claiming
Angel/Bones, Angel/Booth, "Well that's not something you see everyday... at least not exactly."
High School Musical/Suite Life of Zack & Cody, Sharpay/Maddie, "It's like looking into a mirror!"
Merlin/Harry Potter, Merlin/anyone, 'Merlin's balls!' '...what?!'
Torchwood/Buffy, Jack/Buffy, cheating death
Torchwood/Buffy, Captain John/Spike, alternate realities
Torchwood/Doctor Who, Jack/Ianto/pre-immortal Jack, what your future holds
Firefly/Doctor Who, Mal/9, war stories
X-Men/Heroes, Rogue/Claire, "You can't hurt me"
Supernatural/Leverage, Alec/Eliot/Sam or Dean, "his name ain't Jake, I swear to god."
Burn Notice/SG-1, Michael/Daniel, "you saw me die? yeah, i'm gonna need you to narrow that down for me"

Have a great day guys!
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