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So sorry this is late guys! I completely forgot that I hadn't put it up yet! :facepalms:

Angel, Angel/Cordy, missing you

Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Buffy, Anya/Giles, I might try to make you stay
Buffy, Anya/Giles, You don't know how lovely you are
Buffy, Spike/Tara, coming home
Buffy, Spike/Adult!Dawn, waiting
Buffy, Spike/Tara, if they only knew
Buffy, Spike/Dawn, a dangerous affair
Buffy, Spike/Anya, more than a one-night stand
Buffy, Spike/Buffy, ashamed
Buffy, Spike/Dawn, secret stash
Buffy, Spike/Xander, helpless
BTVS, Anya/Giles, Temptation
Buffy, Buffy/Spike, if I'd met you first
Buffy, Spike/Buffy, Closer
Buffy or AtS, Giles/anyone or Wesley/anyone, sex in a library

Comics/Graphic Novels
DCU; Zachary Zatara/Timothy Drake (Robin III); magical make out session

RPS, Jensen Ackles/Steve Carlson, bubble wrap
RPS, Chris/Chad, cocky smart-ass
RPF (or RPS), goth!verse-JDM/author's choice, office
RPS, Chris/Steve/Jensen, Not a joke
RPS, Jeffrey Dean Morgan/Author choice, stupidity
RPS, superhero!Jensen/author's choice, tights
RPS, Jared/Jensen, close, but not close enough...
RPS, Chris/Misha/Jeff, playing with the new toy
RPF, Jared/Jensen/Danneel, an acceptable arrangement
RPS, Jeff/Jared/Jensen, in trouble
RPS, goth!verse-Michael Rosenbaum/author's choice, ever so slightly insaneRPS, Jeff/Misha, shibari

Gossip Girl
Gossip Girl, Chuck/author's choice, "I like to live in an altered state/it makes me love all the things I hate" Altered State by Teddy Thompson
Gossip Girl, Blair/Dan, late nights
Gossip Girl, Chuck/Dan, the time has come

House MD, House/Cameron, Stubborn

Kane RPS
RPS, Christian Kane/Steve Carlson, jetlag
RPS, Christian/Steve, addicted
RPS, vampire!Steve/Chris, caffeine is a drug too
RPS, Vampire!Steve/Chris, too much
RPS, Winged!Chris/Steve, trace
RPS, Vampire!Steve/Chris, plans
Kane RPS, ranch owner!Steve/cowboy!Chris, a helping hand
RPS, Chris/Steve, tornado warning
RPS, Kane/Carlson, ice cubes
RPS, Vampire!Steve/Chris, morning
RPS, Christian Kane/author's choice, tequila
Kane RPS, Chris/Steve/JDM, missing the show
RPS, Christian/Steve, do you remember?
Kane RPS, Chris/Steve, what I've been wishing for
RPS, Goth!Chris/Goth!Steve, vibrator
RPS, Goth!Chris/Goth!Steve, too much
RPS, Chris/Steve/Jeff, squirm
RPS, Chris/Steve, let's get you home
RPS, Chris/Steve/Jeff, calm down
RPS, Chris/Steve/Jeff, shower
Kane RPS, Goth!Chris/Goth!Steve, Egyptian Book of the Dead
RPS/Dollhouse, Doll!Chris/Handler!Steve, alone
RPS/Dollhouse, Doll!Chris/Handler!Steve, dreaming
RPS, Tipsy!Steve/Chris, but the couch looks so comfortable
RPS, Chris/Steve/Jeff, just let go
RPS, Stoned!Steve/Chris/Jeff, giggling
RPS, Spy!Steve/Linguist!Chris, secrets and lies
RPS, Goth!Chris/Goth!Steve, raindrops

Leverage/Angel, Eliot/Lindsey, embarrassing photos
Leverage, Nate/Eliot, When you are with me/I 'm free/I'm careless/I believe (Creed, My Sacrifice)
Leverage, Nate/Eliot, mistake
Leverage, de-aged!Eliot/Nate, "but I'm not tired..."
Leverage, Eliot/Nate/Alec, payback
Leverage, Alec/Eliot, save a horse/ride a cowboy
Leverage, Eliot/Alec, "Don't tell Nate we found a video of Parker and Sophie on YouTube..."
Leverage, Nate/Eliot, star sprinkles
Leverage, Eliot/Hardison, Eliot's a secret World of Warcraft addict, and his and Alec's characters have been having an online affair for months.
Leverage, Nate/Eliot, another thing to forget
Leverage, Hardison/Eliot, "Pick up the damn phone!"
Leverage, de-aged!Eliot/Nate, are we there yet?
Leverage, Feral!Vamp!Nate/Eliot, connection

Lotrips, Orlando/Karl, hustlers
LOTRips, Orlando/Elijah, delayed flight
Lotrips, Orlando/Karl, lightweight
Lotrips, Karl/Viggo/Orlando, getting clean
Lotrips, Dom/Elijah, baking a cake

Misc. RPS
RPS, Orlando Bloom/Gerard Butler, He'd never tell him
RPS, Orlando Bloom/Jake Gyllenhaal, I didn't mean to...
RPF, Jake Gyllenhaal/Drew Barrymore, lollipop
Panic at the Disco, Brendon/Jon, made of awesome
Merlin RPS, Colin Morgan/Bradley James, kisses

Oz, Beecher/Keller, tally marks on the wall

SGA RPS, David/Jason/Joe, "someone's a pretty pretty princess"

Stargate SG-1, Daniel/Vala, cat people and dog people
Stargate SG-1, Daniel/Cam, "I'm beginning to think we should have gone with the guinea pig."
SG1, Sam/Jack, thunderstorm
SG1, Jack/Daniel, shared grief
Stargate SG1, Jack/Daniel, midnight snack
Stargate SG-1, Jack/Daniel, daddy!kink
SG-1, Daniel/Merlin/Adria, control
Stargate SG-1, Daniel/anybody, Indiana Jones
SG-1, Jack/Daniel, animalistic mating rituals
SG-1, Jack/Daniel, I changed the pre-sets in my truck
Stargate SG-1, Sam/Jack, "Super Sam"
SG-1, Jack/Daniel, Carter: "We have no coffee, sir!"
SG-1, Cam/Sam/Daniel, water

SGA, Ronon/Carson, unexpected
SGA, John/Rodney, I wanted to be an actor/writer
SGA, John/Rodney, gay!universe
SGA, John/Rodney, edgeplay
SGA, John/Rodney, shock treatment
SGA, Radek/Rodney, Dungeons and Dragons
SGA, John/Rodney, fly on the wall
SGA, Rodney, rainbow
SGA, Rodney/author's choice, Canadian cold
Stargate: Atlantis, Radek/John, coffee supply
Stargate Atlantis, John/Rodney, green
SGA, Sam/Keller, tease
SGA, John/Rodney, John and Rodney try to play a practical joke on Weir, it fires back
Stargate SG1, Jack/Teal'c, American Pie
SG1, Jack/Daniel, flashbacks
SGA, Rodney/John (Rodney/Keller), 'oh yes, but what a shame, what a shame the poor groom's bride is a whore'
Stargate Atlantis, Teyla/Rodney, cultural differences
SGA, author's choice, Star Trekking

SGA/SG1, Rodney/Daniel, Allergies
SG1/SGA, Sam/Rodney, brain sex

Supernatural, Sam/Sarah, recipe
Supernatural, Sam/Dean, kink
Supernatural, Dean/Bar girl, "How did you get that scar?"
SPN, Dean/Sam, In Hell all you have are memories

Leverage/Angel, Alec/Eliot/Lindsey, blackmail
RPS/RPS/SPN, Father Morgan/daddy!Jeff/evil!John, pretty when you cry
SG1/SGA, Cam/John, Terminator would kick Robocop's ass!
Leverage/RPS/Angel, Nate/Triplets, "Guess who..."

Contest Participants

300, Dilios/Leonidas, heat
Boondock Saints, Connor/Murphy, "mirror, mirror on the wall...".
Die Hard 4.0, John/Matt, after the adrenaline rush
Friends, Ross/Rachel, losing you
Rebel Without a Cause, Jim/Plato, visions of the future
Sleeping Beauty, Malificent/Prince Philip, chained
Survivors Tom/Anya searching for food together
Troy, Hector & Paris. Hector must sacrifice Paris' virginity to the gods.
Troy, Paris & Hector, wine
Ugly Betty, Betty/Daniel, unexpected
Medium, Allison/Lee, bar secrets
Sahara, Dirk Pitts/Al Giordino, sleeping in
One Tree Hill, Brooke/Julian, what can I say
Ladyhawke, Navarre/Isabeau, dawn

Angel the Series
Angel, Angel/Lindsey, "Angel, the chaps are NOT a turn on."

Being Human
Being Human, George/Mitchell, headphones with the volume up
Being Human, George/Annie, hugs
Being Human, George/Annie/Mitchell, It's time to say goodbye

Bones, Hodgins/Zack, experiment

Buffy, Spike/Buffy, the best night of his life

Burn Notice
Burn Notice, Michael/Fiona, in the rain

Castle, Rick Castle/Kate Beckett, rising action
Castle, Kate/Castle, purple prose

CSI, Lady Heather/Catherine, strength
CSI, Grissom/Lady Heather, White lace

CSI: Miami
CSI Miami. H/Speedle. He's still be haunted by the possibilities.

CSI: NY, Danny/Flack, Beer
CSI NY. Danny/Don or Mac. It means living your life in the dark

Criminal Minds
Criminal Minds, Morgan/Reid, sticky heat
Criminal Minds, Hotch/author's choice, is it hopeless and forlorn

DC/Marvel, Catwoman/Gambit, even the score
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Smallville, Chloe/Oz, heat (aka mating)
Smallville/Spider-Man, Chloe/Peter, here with me
Criminal Minds/Smallville, Chloe/Reid, new bathtub

Dark Angel
Dark Angel, Logan/Alec scrabble
Dark Angel, Alec/Logan, furry porn

Demons, Galvin/Luke, sex magic

Dexter, Dexter/Rita, mementos

Dr. Horrible Sing-a-long
Dr.Horrible, Dr.Horrible/Penny, A whole new world from Aladdin.
Dr.Horrible, Dr. Horrible/Penny, "A whole new world."
Dr. Horrible's sing along blog, Penny/Billy, frozen yogurt
Doctor Horrible's sing-along-blog, author's choice, Penny never died
Dr. Horrible, Dr. Horrible/Captain Hammer, college flashback

Doctor Who
Doctor Who, Captain Jack/Rose, dancing
Doctor Who, The Ninth Doctor/Jack Harkness, whips and chains
Doctor Who, Rose/Ten, unorthodox picnic locations

Dollhouse, Ballard/Lubov, rope

Eureka, Carter/Stark, watching the night sky

Firefly, Simon/Jayne, apples
Firefly, Jayne/Simon, "Doc, that hurts."
Firefly, Mal/author's choice, battle of Serenity

Gilmore Girls
Gilmore Girls, Rory/Jess, I'm still waiting there
Gilmore Girls, Rory/Jess, I thought of you and where you'd gone

Grey's Anatomy
Grey's Anatomy, Mark/Derek, chief.
Grey's Anatomy, Denny/Bomb Guy, Time

Harry Potter
Harry Potter, Sirius/Remus, may angels lead you in
Harry Potter, Severus Snape/James Potter snr, awkward hate!sex
Harry Potter, Harry/Seamus, meeting his mam

Heroes, Zach/Claire, Activating Evolution (ie., Chandra's book)
Heroes, Adam/Elle, angel food cake
Heroes, Mohinder/Sylar, the moment of discovery
Heroes, Haitian/Lyle, can you keep a secret?
Heroes, Sylar/Peter, the first time we met
Heroes, Claire/Lyle, watching fanvids of Lost's Boone and Shannon
Heroes, Hiro/Charlie, blushing virgins
Heroes, Sylar/Luke, "you melted the door handle?"
Heroes, Mohinder/Matt, "Just because it's brightly-colored doesn't mean it's Molly's!"
Heroes, Sylar/Luke, tax collector

Hollyoaks, John Paul/Kieron, spooning

House, House/Wilson, Skiing Holiday
House MD, Author's choice of pairing, Feather
House, House/Thirteen, exploration
House, House/Wilson, secret sins
House, House/Wilson, only one night
House, House/Wilson, lying to protect you
House, House/Wilson, secret pain
House, House/Wilson, the only secret is that everybody knows
House, House/Cuddy, Things can be better, you can be happy. Try.
House MD, House/Wilson, "So, I did Chase."
House, House/dom!Wilson, all tied up
House MD, House/Wilson, Anything to make you smile
House, House/Wilson, faithful
House, House/Wilson, surprise roleplay
House, House/dark!Wilson, beautiful when you're broken
House, House/Wilson, truth hurts
House, House/Wilson, Pain Clinic
House, House/Wilson, mind control
House, House/Wilson, one of them turned into an animal of some kind
House, House/Wilson, count on you to hurt me
House, House/Wilson/Amber (sub!House), with abandon

How I Met Your Mother
How I Met Your Mother, Robin/Lily, "Is this a bad time?"

Law & Order (all)
Law & Order: CI, Eames/Goren, lost
Law & Order SVU, Finn/Munch, conspiracies

Leverage, Nate/Eliot, 'just go - run!'
Leverage, Hardison/Eliot, under a clear blue sky
Leverage; Eliot/Alec; "don't you dare put that on youtube!"
Leverage, Parker/Eliot, running from bombs vs. saving the pretty art
Leverage, dom!Nate/Eliot, the devil's touch
Leverage, Vampire!Nate/Eliot, sweet tooth
Leverage, vampire!Nate/Eliot, hold your breath
Leverage, vampire!Nate/Eliot, "we've already been forever damned"
Leverage, Eliot/Hardison, love is just a series of chemical reactions
leverage, eliot/hardison/parker, how to make friends and influence people
Leverage, vamp!Nate/Eliot, affirmation
Leverage, Vamp!Nate/Eliot, sensation
Leverage, Parker/Eliot/Hardison, friendly competion
Leverage, Nate/Hardison, burying
Leverage, Nate/Eliot, christening the new base
Leverage, Parker/Hardison/Eliot, pegging
Leverage, Eliot/Hardison, their song
Leverage, Eliot/Nate, just let me work my magic...
Leverage, Eliot Spencer dangled Alec Hardison over a cliff, "It's not what you think"

Leverage/SPN, Eliot and all, baby's first day
Leverage/Supernatural, Eliot/Dean, friends

Angel/Leverage, Lindsey/Eliot, dreams

Lie to Me
Lie to Me, Lightman/Loker, you're a better liar than anyone we put away
Lie to Me, Loker/Lightman, weekends

Life, Charlie/Ted (can be friendship), breakfast
Life, Crews/Reese, tattoos

Lost, Sun/Hurley, "yeah, Jin taught me"
Lost, Charlie/Desmond, Desmond's blue shirt
Lost, Kate/Sayid, the couple that hunts boar together stays together
Lost, Sayid/Shannon, enunciating
Lost, Charlie/Desmond, bar fight
Lost, Charlie/Sawyer, sand in awkward places
Lost, Charlie/Desmond, lady's underwear
LOST, Sawyer/Sayid/Desmond, handcuffs (restraints)
Lost, Charlie/Jack, temporary blindness
Lost, Ana Lucia/Sayid, uniform
Lost, Charlie/Liam, downhill slope
Lost, Jack/Kate, thinking of Sawyer
Lost, Charlie/Jack/Sawyer, comfort
Lost, Charlie/Desmond, Warwick Avenue - Duffy
Lost, Daniel/Miles, consciously
Lost, Daniel/Miles, Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)
Lost, Claire/Juliet, enough
Lost, Scott/Steve, unanswered
Lost, Daniel/Frank, conceivable
Lost, Sawyer/Sayid, fierce
Lost, Desmond/Daniel forever
Lost, Boone/Charlie, what comes next

Merlin, Merlin/Arthur, smiles
Merlin, Merlin/Lancelot, kiss
Merlin, Merlin/Arthur, work!AU
Merlin, Merlin/Arthur, hallucination
Merlin, Arthur/Lancelot/Merlin, quiet.
Merlin, Merlin/Arthur, the red shirt.
Merlin, Arthur/Lancelot/Merlin, this doesn't change anything.
Merlin, Merlin/Arthur, pie
Merlin, Merlin/Arthur. sexual politics
Merlin, Arthur/Merlin, future!AU end of the world
Merlin, Merlin/Arthur, collection of secrets.
Merlin, Arthur/Merlin, I can't pretend anymore

Merry Gentry
Merry Gentry, Doyle/Frost, black Opal

NCIS, Gibbs/DiNozzo, roleplay
NCIS, Abby Sciuto/author's choice (if any), not everything is explained by science
NCIS, Gibbs/DiNozzo, tell me something I don't know
NCIS, Gibbs/DiNozzo, where in hell did I put the damn thing?
NCIS, Tony/Gibbs, Like Pulling A Rabbit From A Hat
NCIS, Gibbs/Dinozzo, another boat half done
NCIS, Gibbs/Abby, make me forget

Numb3rs, Larry/Megan, visiting
Numb3rs, Colby/David, undercover
Numbers, David/Colby, partners
Numb3rs, Charlie/Colby, Afraid
Numb3rs, Charlie/Colby, Under the desk

Primeval, Abby/Connor, cheeky
Primeval, Nick/Stephen, missed a train - how they could have met
Primeval, Nick/Stephen, happiness
Primeval, Nick/Connor, Light
Primeval, Nick/Connor, the edge
Primeval, Nick/Connor, "Wanna see a trick I can do with these scissors?"
Primeval, Nick/Connor, this time everything will go right
Primeval, Nick/Stephen, when you're gone
Primeval, Nick/Stephen, there was always someone in the way
Primeval, Nick/Connor, The Bourne Trilogy
Primeval, Claudia/Helen, vicious
Primeval, Nick/Connor, injured
Primeval, Nick/Connor, skin

Queer As Folk
QaF, Brian/Michael, reminders of the past

CWRPS, Jared/Jensen, mine's bigger than yours...
RSP, senior!Jensen/freshman!Jared, high school pranks
CWRPS, Jensen/Jared, no more candy!
RPS, Jared/Jensen, show off
RPS, goth!verse-Jensen/Jared, shiver
RPS, Jared/Jensen, hangman
RPS, Misha/Jensen, tell me lies, tell me sweet little lies
RPS/Dollhouse, doll!Jensen/handler!Jared, heat
RPS/Dollhouse, doll!Jensen/handler!Jared, look
RPS, Spy!Steve/Handler!Jeff, job gone wrong
RPS, Spy!Steve/Linguist!Chris, wounded
RPS, Kitten!Chris/Vampire!Steve, hide and seek
RPS, Chris/Steve, changing room
RPS, Chris/Steve, family
RPS/Dollhouse, Doll!Chris/Handler!Steve, stay with me
RPS/Dollhouse, doll!Chris/handler!Steve, remember
RPS/Dollhouse, Doll!Chris/Handler!Steve, regrets
RPS, Chris/author's choice, rush
RPS, Jensen Ackles/Steve Carlson, I'd give up forever to touch you
Heroes RPS, Adrian Pasdar/Milo Ventimiglia, hamming it up for the fans
Wanted RPS - Angelina Jolie/James McAvoy, overheard
LotR, Orlando Bloom/Sean Bean, Why didn't you tell me?

Scrubs, JD/author's choice, JD is found hiding in a closet to avoid work

SG-1, Jack/Daniel, undercover
SG-1, Jack/Daniel, never forgotten

SGA, John/author's choice, space cowboy
SGA, Rodney/Author's choice + John, John is the best man at Rodney's wedding
SGA, Teyla/author's choice, battle scars
SGA, John/Ronon, memories
SGA, Sam/Rodney, ocean air

Skins, Maxxie/Tony, not a pity fuck

Smallville, Oliver/Zatanna, "You wanted to see me?"

Supernatural, Dean/Cassie, tears washed away by the rain
Supernatural, Sam/Dean, Lie to me
Supernatural, Dean/Castiel, a pair of red panties
Supernatural, young!winchesters(not wincest), hide and seek
SPN, Stanford!Sam/Hustler!Dean, winner takes all
Supernatural, Sam/Dean, ooops
Supernatural, Sam/Dean, Hell
Supernatural, Sam/Dean, hot under the hood
Supernatural, Dean/demon!Sam, collecting on a deal
Supernatural, Dean/Castiel, Dean really hated witches
Supernatural, Dean/ofc, "whoops" moment
Spn Dom!Dean/Sam voyeur omcs "Show them you are mine"
Supernatural, Dean/Chief, punishment/purification
SPN, Sam/Sarah, summer
Supernatural, Castiel/Dean, "you disappearing son of a bitch"
Supernatural, Dean/Castiel, preparing for a date
Supernatural; Sam/female character; thanks for the memories
SPN, wing!Dean/Sam, tight
SPN, Sam/Dean, Lifeguards
SPN, Sam/Dean, Mmm, you taste like butter
SPN, Sam/Dean, caught in the act, OPOV
Supernatural, Sam/Ruby, "Witchy Woman" (Eagles)
SPN, Dean/Sam, bitch is totally a pet-name!
Supernatural, Girl!Sam/Dean, public sex
SPN, Mary/Ellen, shadows
Supernatural, Dean/Sam, grasshopper
Supernatural, Sam/Dean OR Dean/Castiel, When you are with me/I 'm free/I'm careless/I believe (Creed, My Sacrifice)
SPN, Dean/Sam, teamwork
SPN, Sam/Dean, eyes
SPN, Dean/Castiel, He couldn't possibly know.
Supernatural, Sam/Dean, Trickster strikes again
Supernatural, Sam/Dean, Sweet 16
SPN, Dean/Castiel, Do you remember falling?
SPN, Sam/Dean, Nervous

Supernatural/Dark Angel
Supernatural/Dark Angel, Sam/Alec, Not my brother
Supernatural/Dark Angel, Castiel/Alec, "You remind me of a charge I once had"
Supernatural/Dark Angel, Sam/Alec, "Shut up and fuck me."
Supernatural/Dark Angel, Sam/Alec, "Dean?"

NCIS/SPN, Abby/Sam, laptop versus desktop

Supernatural/Bones, Sam/Booth, seeing ghosts

The Fast and the Furious
The Fast and the Furious, Dom/Brian, shop talk
The Fast and the Furious, Brian/Dom, forget about the past

The Mentalist
The Mentalist, Jayne/author's choice, see through me

TW, Captain Jack/Ianto, bad coffee
Torchwood, Jack/Ianto, licking wounds
TW, Jack/Ianto, sneak attack
Torchwood, Jack/Ianto, midnight show
TW, Jack/Ianto, frightened
TW, Jack/Ianto, on top of/underneath Jack's desk

Tru Calling
Tru Calling, Jack/Tru, make you sorry

Veronica Mars
Veronica Mars, Veronica/Logan, Let's compare scars
Veronica Mars, Piz/Mac; awkward
Veronica Mars, Veronica/Logan, "Can you trust me?"

Watchmen, Dan/Rorschach, When we were partners
Watchmen, Daniel/Rorschach, Archimedes (Merlin's owl)

X-Files, Mulder/Scully, snoring
X-Files, Mulder/Scully/Skinner, handcuffs
X-Files, Mulder/Scully, You have over one hundred what?

X-Men, Scott/Rogue, victory not easily won
X-Men, Northstar/Iceman, coming out
X-Men (anyverse), Cyclops/Rogue, lollipop

Lost/Heroes, Daniel/Mohinder, ridicule
ER/Gilmore Girls/Supernatural, Julia Wise/Rory/Sam, "I need help!"
Fantastic 4/Smallville, Johnny/Chloe, wild as an animal
Heroes/SPN, Adam Monroe/John Winchester, animalistic marking/claiming
Angel/Bones, Angel/Booth, "Well that's not something you see everyday... at least not exactly."
High School Musical/Suite Life of Zack & Cody, Sharpay/Maddie, "It's like looking into a mirror!"
Merlin/Harry Potter, Merlin/anyone, 'Merlin's balls!' '...what?!'
Torchwood/Buffy, Jack/Buffy, cheating death
Torchwood/Buffy, Captain John/Spike, alternate realities
Torchwood/Doctor Who, Jack/Ianto/pre-immortal Jack, what your future holds
Firefly/Doctor Who, Mal/9, war stories
X-Men/Heroes, Rogue/Claire, "You can't hurt me"
Supernatural/Leverage, Alec/Eliot/Sam or Dean, "his name ain't Jake, I swear to god."
Burn Notice/SG-1, Michael/Daniel, "you saw me die? yeah, i'm gonna need you to narrow that down for me"

Have a great day guys!


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Apr. 22nd, 2009 08:00 am (UTC)
Leverage/Angel, Eliot/Lindsey, embarrassing photos
Link http://community.livejournal.com/comment_fic/27428.html?thread=4774180#t4774180

Psst... you've listed this one under "Leverage"... it's a crossover *g*
*waves and sweeps out*
Apr. 22nd, 2009 08:01 am (UTC)
Ack! Ah well. I think it's listed properly in the indexes... I hope...
Apr. 22nd, 2009 08:19 am (UTC)
It is, I just checked. *hugs and gets cookies for the poor codemonkeys*
Apr. 22nd, 2009 08:22 am (UTC)
Codemonkeys love you...
(Deleted comment)
Apr. 22nd, 2009 03:20 pm (UTC)
so very sorry! we'll fix that tomorrow!
Apr. 22nd, 2009 08:00 pm (UTC)
Erm, I filled the Merlin, Lancelot/Uther, Substantial lonely prompt. I don't see it listed but it's not in the lonely prompts list now either. *is confused* Not sure if you missed it or if I'm being blind.
Apr. 22nd, 2009 08:02 pm (UTC)
The list I'm drawing from is collated from the collective work from the code monkeys. Just let me know if it isn't in the regular prompt index, someone probably just forgot to add it to where we keep the completed LPs listing. If it is in the regular index, feel free to link it here! So very sorry!
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