potentially evil, may just like red lipstick (roslindi) wrote in comment_fic,
potentially evil, may just like red lipstick

Monday: Confession

Hello, this is roslindi and I will be guest hosting this week. 

"acknowledgement; avowal; admission": Everyone has secrets, but not everyone must acknowledge them. Whether it's a little secret, such as breaking a dish and blaming it on a younger sibling (guilty), or committing a string of felonies under the assumed name Limone J'Ello (no comment), make your character confess something (even if it is only to him or herself).

  • no more than 3 prompts to a fandom
  • no more than 5 unfilled prompts in a row
  • no spoilers in the prompts
  • if the fill contains spoilers, warn for them and leave space

Fandom, Character(/Character or + Character), prompt 


Inception, Arthur/Eames, they're so used to stealing secrets it comes as a shock when they don't have to
White Collar, any, I want to tell you this story without having to confess anything (Richard Siken)
The Avengers, Bruce/+any, someone ate his CLEARLY LABELLED leftovers. HULK IS NOT AMUSED.

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