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Friday: Drunk Sex

Hi... this is hpfangirl71 and sadly, this is my last day as your guest host this week. So anyway, as a spinoff of yesterday's topic, today we will eat drink and be merry by writing fics about getting drunk!! Yes, our topic of the day will be drunk sex!! Let's get those characters of ours intoxicated as hell and maybe even see the results of those benders of theirs in the form of morning after fics!! Can't wait to see all the stories we get from this lovely topic. As usual all pairings, fandoms, and genres are welcome...

3 prompts to a fandom
no more than 5 prompts in a row
no spoilers in the prompts
if the fill contains spoilers, warn for them and leave space

Fandom, Character(/Character or + Character), prompt

Harry Potter, Ron/Pansy, It wasn't meant to happen in the first place and they definitely weren't supposed to feel this way about it.
Teen Wolf, Danny/Jackson, Danny's dreamed about bedding Jackson for the longest time... so will he take a chance of destroying their friendship when he encounters a lonely and needy Jackson drunk and willing?
Hunger Games, Katniss/Peeta, Its Peeta she gets drunk with and things get a bit out of hand when she does.

And if you don't find any prompts to your liking, maybe you can find something in the Lonely Prompt Archives?

Enjoy and Happy Writing!!


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