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Sunday Free For All

Yesterday was so much fun, it's time for some more!

Today, being Sunday, is another free for all. Any fandom, any pairing/grouping, any prompt. Bring on the RPS, the random fandom, the unconventional pairings! We wants it all!

Also, remember that we need you to help keep this comm working. We have hosts for the next two week, but we need more. If you can make an opening post with a theme for five days, you too can be a guest host. The post for signing up to do so is here. Have any questions? You can ask them there too and one of your crazy mods will get back to you.

So are you ready for another day of awesome?

Remember to format your prompts as follows:

For single fandom: Fandom, pairing, word/phrase
Example: RPS, JDM/Misha, punished

For a Crossover: Fandom/Fandom, pairing, word/phrase
Example: Criminal Minds/Numbers, Spencer Reid/Charlie Epps, academic acheivement

Ready? Set? Go!
Tags: !lonely prompts, fandoms: battlestar galactica, fandoms: being human, fandoms: bones, fandoms: boondock saints, fandoms: btvs/ats, fandoms: burn notice, fandoms: chuck, fandoms: criminal minds, fandoms: csi, fandoms: dark angel, fandoms: doctor who, fandoms: firefly, fandoms: forever knight, fandoms: harry potter, fandoms: leverage, fandoms: lotr, fandoms: merlin, fandoms: ncis, fandoms: numb3rs, fandoms: pysch, fandoms: reaper, fandoms: smallville, fandoms: stargate atlantis, fandoms: stargate sg-1, fandoms: the sentinel, fandoms: torchwood, fandoms: x-files, prompts: authors choice, prompts: crack, prompts: crossovers, prompts: femme, prompts: free for all, prompts: heroes, prompts: het, prompts: het: bsg rpf, prompts: het: cw rpf, prompts: het: lotr rpf, prompts: het: misc rpf, prompts: kink/fetish, prompts: misc, prompts: one word, prompts: original, prompts: rps: bsg, prompts: rps: cw rps, prompts: rps: kane, prompts: rps: lost, prompts: rps: lotrips, prompts: rps: misc, prompts: rps: sga/sg-1, prompts: scifi centric, prompts: slash, prompts: supernatural, prompts: threesomes

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