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Completed Lonely Prompts (from just before the contest)

Just taking out a quick moment to share the love of lonely prompts that have all been written. Keep up the great work over the week, guys, and everyone have fun!

RPS/Doctor Who, Steve/10, upstairs

Crossovers: Supernatural
XMen/Supernatural, Dean/Remy/Sam, leather
Supernatural/RPS, Sam/Christian Kane, possessive
SPN/Smallville, Jo/Oliver, sweat

Heroes, Sylar/Luke, the newest dancer at the strip joint
Heroes, Mohinder/Adam, girly drinks
Heroes, winged!Nathan/Peter, evolution of a superpower
Heroes, Sylar/Mohinder/Gabriel, bizarro world
Heroes, Adam/Mohinder, weekend in Monte Carlo
Heroes, Adam/Angela, Socks
Heroes, teen!Angela/Adam, awestruck
Heroes, Mohinder/Elle, "I'm entirely too old for this"
Heroes, Matt/Mohinder, wet dreams

RPS, Chris/Steve, Just a Dream - Carrie Underwood
RPS, Christian Kane/Steve Carlson, don't do that again
RPS, Winged!Chris/Steve, hidden

Leverage, Hardison/author's choice, 'Spiderpig, Spiderpig, does whatever a Spiderpig does! Can he swing from a web? No he can't, he's a pig. Look out! Here comes the Spiderpig!'
Leverage, Eliot/Hardison, part of the plan
Leverage, Eliot/golem!Eliot/Nate, not just a homunculus

Lotrips, Karl/Orlando, apples and oranges

Dawson's Creek Pacey/Jack gay bar
Good Omens, Crowley/Aziraphale, tea at the Ritz
American Gods, Low Key/Shadow, smoke and mirrors
High School Musical, Chad/Ryan, Magic
The Boat That Rocked, Carl/Mark, "How about it then?"
Rent, author's choice, Santa Fe dream
Die Hard 4, Matt/John, "More slick, Slick."
Alexander(Movie), Alexander/Hephaestion, Achilles and Patroclus

SG-1/SGA, Daniel/John, lessons
SG1/SGA, John/Cam/Rodney/Jennifer, wife swapping

SPN, Ash/Pamela, resurrections
SPN, Alistair/author's choice, Home, hellish, home!
Supernatural, Sam/Dean, Ikarus(Icarus)

Bones, Zack/Hodgins, Pepsi
Bones, Zach/Booth, Distraction
Chuck, Chuck/Casey, adrenaline
CSI, Grissom/Lady Heather, being known
In Plain Sight, Marshall/Mary, first day
Numb3rs, Don/Charlie, wrong turn
Numb3rs, David/Colby, don't call me baby
The Mentalist, Van Pelt/Rigsby, Undercover in an S/M club.
Numb3rs, Don/Charlie, spanking
Numb3rs, Don/Charlie, leather cuffs

Neverwhere, Marquis/Richard, boots with heels

RPS, Jared/Jensen, 10 Things I Hate About You
CWRPS, JDM/Jensen, shaving.
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