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Promo Banners

Hi! It's your graphics mod here with an updated promo banners post - you can use any of these to promote comment_fic around LJ.

If you'd like to submit a promo banner you can leave it in the comments here along with a description of what's on the image so I can add it to the correct category. It should include the name of the comm and may include the phrases "bite sized bits of fic" and "new prompts daily to whet your appetite". There are no restrictions on size (but probably keep in mind the general size of things people like to put in posts or profiles).

Thanks all and happy promoting! :)

click here for... Actors... Anime... Bands... Movies... Multifandom... Stock... Western TV... Written

Jared Padalecki - made by naficeh
Nicholas Lea - made by andrea_deer

Byakuroku - made by galerian_ash
Deathnote - made by the_gabih

Kane - made by darling_lisa

Independence Day - made by tresa_cho
Pirates of the Carrbbean - made by chibifukurou
X Men Origins: Wolverine - made by chibifukurou

Multifandom - made by merihn

Stock - made by andrea_deer
Stock - made by andrea_deer
Stock - made by andrea_deer
Stock - made by galor5
Stock - made by smilesoftnsweet
Stock - made by smilesoftnsweet

Burn Notice - made by darling_lisa
Dollhouse - made by chibifukurou
House: MD - made by andrea_deer
Leverage - made by darling_lisa
Merlin - made by tarantallegraa
Supernatural - made by darling_lisa
Supernatural - made by red_handed
The Vampire Diaries - made by tarantallegraa
The X-Files - made by andrea_deer
Torchwood - made by chibifukurou
White Collar - made by theeverdream
White Collar - made by theeverdream
White Collar - made by theeverdream

made by tarantallegraa
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