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Help promote the comm!

This is your resident Head Code Monkey, and I want to put out the call to help pimp the community!

To that end, we're going to offer banners that you can put up in your journals (or elsewhere) to link back to us. Keep checking back, because we also plan on adding more!

Please make sure that banners are no larger than 500x300 pixels horizontally, and that they display "comment_fic" somewhere within the banner. Feel free to user our catch phrase: "Bite Sized Bits of Fic" Or use our new catch phrase: "New prompts daily to whet your appetite!" (Courtesy of galor5)

Want to make the banner a link back to the comm? Simply use the code below, and replace URL with the url for the banner you want to use.

Above created by naficeh.

Above created by red_handed.

Above created by galor5.

... Above created by smilesoftnsweet.

Above created by darling_lisa

Above created by merihn.

Above made by andrea_deer.

Above made by the_gabih.

Above made by galerian_ash.

Above made by chibifukurou.

Above made by tresa_cho.

Above made by theeverdream.

Above made by tarantallegraa.

If you're interested in creating a banner (or even a header!) please contact me.
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