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Friday Free-For-All

And after a week of Lonely-Prompt-Adoptions... IT'S FREE-FOR-ALL!!! Yup, you get to post anything you want today and tomorrow, as a reward for everyone being so helpful with the leftover prompts!

Now, just a reminder: there is a limit of 3 prompts per fandom per player, and you must follow the proper format for your prompts.  Please see below -

Criminal Minds, Morgan/Reid, "Danger, Will Robinson!" 

Doctor Who/Merlin, Arthur/Rose, flower petals.

And as always, if nothing you're seeing snags you're interest, check out our Lonely Prompts.

Please also keep this in mind - as we're reaching the end of most seasons for TV shows, please be considerate to people who haven't actually seen the latest episode and don't leave spoilers for anyone?  Remember the Golden Rule, and "Do Unto Others."  Thanks! 

Now... PROMPT! 

EDIT: Sorry, gents, it's actually 3 prompts per fandom *facepalm* If near the end of the day your prompts have been answered, you can write more :) 

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