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Happy Saturday everybody! The contest art will be up just as soon as our graphics monkeys are ready. But wow. WOW. You guys have totally blown us away!

Also, because I was waiting for the art to make the announcement, but Amara's already announced the week's winners, the winners for Day 5 and 6 were aravistarkheena with 21 responses, and guiltyreasons with 40 responses. Great job guys!

So, to celebrate, and to give our prompters a little more time to play after a week off, we're making today a special Free For All day!

There's just a few things you need to remember:

Please do not go overboard with your prompts. We've just had so many prompts answered, lets not fill up the Lonely Prompt indexes all over again in one weekend. Don't post more than 5 prompts in a row, and please limit yourselves to 3 prompts per fandom per prompter. If a prompt is answered, you can feel free to prompt again.

Please remember to format your prompts appropriately, and leave only one prompt per comment. For example:
Wolverine, Logan/Remy, ain't nothin' up my sleeve mon ami

SPN/Leverage, Dean/Eliot, you wouldn't know a nightmare if it punched you in the face and then threw you across the room

And absolutely DO NOT utilize spoilers as part of your prompt for at least a week. Especially since this time of year is ripe with season finales and movie premiers, please be considerate of those who wish to remain unspoiled and give them some time to see the show. Writers must clearly warn for any possible spoilers.

If you put a spoiler in your prompt, or do not warn for spoilers in your response, they will be deleted at the mods' discretion.

As always, if you're not seeing a prompt that catches your eye, there's still plenty of Lonely Prompts that need good homes.

Alright, everybody ready? Let's get writing!
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