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PLEASE READ - Modly Post of Modliness

Greetings comment_fic prompters and writers! Your friendly neighborhood mod here dropping in on your regularly scheduled fun with a few announcements.

We've noticed an uptick in certain things and rather than continuing to address them individually, I thought I'd give ya'll a heads up comm wide.


1) SPOILERS- Do not post any prompt that in and of itself is a spoiler for an episode of something for at least a week after the episode has aired. This includes dialog and plot points. Not all of us get to see things when they air and none of us want to spoil someone unintentionally.

1a) If your fic that you write in response to a prompt is spoilery, please warn in bold at the beginning of your comment and put at least three spaces between the warning and the fic.

1b) Though our mods are pretty up on most things, we don't necessarily know all the fandoms, so if you see a spoilery prompt that hasn't been addressed by a mod, please contact one of us through private message.

1c) If you do post a spoilery prompt, it will be pulled as soon as someone sees it. Sorry, but I had the last two episodes of Dollhouse ruined for me before I got to see them via prompts in this comm, so I'm kind of going to be strict on this.


2) Lonely Prompts - Unless we ask you to, do not post to tell us that you completed any lonely prompts. This is only for when we are running contests. The rest of the time, we have a dedicated team of Code Monkeys who look through the lonely prompts every week.

2a) If you happen to find something listed on the Lonely Prompt Index that has been answered more than three days before, feel free to comment on the Lonely Prompt Index in the codemonkeys comm or message our Head code monkey to let her know.

2b) Do not post to a day's theme post with completed prompts.


3) If you want to guest host, we'd love to have you. Make sure you are a member of the comm however, and not just watching it, because posting access is limited, and you will be granted posting access for your week.


4) Only Mods, our Head Code Monkey and this month's Guest Hosts have posting access to the comm. This means that only these people can make new posts. Anyone can comment. Anyone can prompt. Anyone can write. You don't even have to be a member to do those things.


I think that just about covers it. As always, if you have any questions, check out our FAQs, our user info, our welcome post...and if you still have questions, message any one of us. We'll get back to you soon!

I now return you to the regularly scheduled fun. Somebody save me some candy!
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