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Monday | Older Fandoms

Hello, everyone~! ♫ I'm creepy_shetan and I'll be your (second-time) host for this week. :D The last time I hosted was in 2010, which seemed like forever ago until I thought about which fandoms to use for today...

Today's theme: older fandoms. No one’s going to double-check how old your fandoms are, but as a general guideline, try to pick ones that have hit the double digits milestone (released in 2003 or earlier). You may crossover an older fandom with a newer fandom if you wish. ~_^

A reminder of the rules:
+ No more than five prompts in a row
+ No more than three prompts per fandom
+ If one or more of your prompts is filled today, then you may prompt again
+ No spoilers within prompts until a week after the airdate/release
+ Warn for spoilers in bold and leave at least three spaces before the text

Also, for the sake of our lovely coders, please remember to use the proper format for prompts.

For a single fandom:
Yuu Yuu Hakusho, any pairing of Yuusuke + Kurama + Hiei, giddy exhaustion after a fight
X-Men (movie ‘verse), (St.) John/Bobby, John notices over time that Bobby goes home for weekends and holidays less and less.

For multiple fandoms / crossovers:
MS Gundam Wing/Greek Mythology, Duo + Thanatos (+ Hypnos + Hades), "Cute, but no."

If the plot bunnies aren’t biting you today, don't forget to check out our archive of Lonely Prompts.
For more recent prompts to write (and fills to read), you can also use LJ’s advanced search options to limit keyword results to only comments in this community.

Side note from the powers that be: Starting this week, comment_fic will have themes on Wednesdays. Lonely prompt completing and rerun promoting posts will both be available on Sundays, just as the comm decided via poll. Please look forward to it. ♥

Okay, y’all, let’s get this week started right~! =^.^=


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