as dangerous as a chocolate hobnob (jade_starlight) wrote in comment_fic,
as dangerous as a chocolate hobnob

Thursday: Genderbender

Hi, guys. I'm jade_starlight and I'm still your Guest Host for one more day. *g*

For my last day, we're doing genderbenders, either changing the canon gender of at least one of your characters or including aspects of crossdressing. Want to see a female DiNozzo, or maybe you want John Sheppard in eyeliner? Now's the time. *g*

Please think about our wonderful codemonkeys and use the correct format (the second is for crossovers).

Fandom, Pairing, Prompt
Fandom1/Fandom2, Pairing, Prompt

BSG, girl!Anders/Lee, against the wall
SG1/SGA, Cam/John, eyeliner

And remember not to post more than 3 prompts in a row. If a prompt is answered, you can prompt again later in the day.

If you don't see anything you like, you can always Adopt a Lonely Prompt.

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