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Barking at the wind

Tuesday = Just Like a SyFy Movie!

Good morning, everyone, and I'm evil_little_dog. Welcome to Tuesday! Today's Theme is Just Like a SyFy Movie! In other words, something has MUTATED HORRIBLY, and is attacking. Or a tornado has picked up killer rabbits and the rabbits are killing everything in sight! Plagues! Misfortunes! Improbable chimera critters!

The rules still haven't changed:
No more than five prompts in a row.
No more than three prompts in the same fandom.
No spoilers in prompts.
If your fill contains spoilers, warn and leave plenty of space.

Prompts should be formatted as follows:
Fandom, Character+/Character, Prompt

Some examples to get the ball rolling...
+ Burn Notice, Sam+Any(or Ensemble), "Okay, so it's bad. At least it isn't zombies."
+ TBBT, Sheldon+Any, Sheldon's Dogapus is far more violent than he expected.
+ Fullmetal Alchemist, Edward+Any, Whatever it is, it has more tentacles than any living thing should have.

Not feeling any of today’s prompts? Visit the lonely prompt archive and brighten someone’s day. For more recent prompts to write, you can also use LJ’s advanced search options to limit keyword results to only comments in this community.

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