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Completed Lonely Prompts and a Request

Hey guys! So very sorry that these completed prompts are late - I've had the code and, like a bad monkey, completely got distracted every time I was ready to post it. I have not grabbed the new work from our diligent Code Monkeys, so there's probably stuff that's been completed that isn't a part of the list. Don't worry! It will be there on the next round.

But before I give you the good stuff, I need a little help again. Some stuff has come up for the person who had volunteered for Sundays, so unfortunately I need someone new.

What I need:
Someone to sort through their assigned Lonely Prompt Indexes every Sunday looking for completed prompts. Be aware: This means sorting through every single prompt listed in your assigned indexes and moving the code for the completed ones. This is easy, but time consuming.

If you volunteer:
I need you to comment or PM me with your email address. Some familiarity with HTML is preferred but not required.
ETA: I've got it covered. Thank you!

Ok! On to what you guys have been waiting for:

Author's Choice
author's choice, "It seems safe to say that when two gay guys go on a date and each of them goes home with a hot blonde girl, something's definitely not working." (Dawson's Creek)

Angel the Series, Angel/Wesley/Gunn, tension
Angel the Series, Lindsey/Spike, "When you said toys, I thought you meant..."
Angel, Spike/Angel, professional distance
AtS, Lorne/anyone or no pairing, treasures (request in honor of the late, amazing Andy Hallet
Angel, Connor/Lindsay, you belong to me
Angel, Buffy/Spike, You have your own office?
Angel, Illyria, sunlight
BTVS/ATS, Evil!Faith/Angelus, One by one, down they go.

Buffy, ranting!Willow/everyone (gen plz), anti-pagan holidays with pagan symbolism
BtvS, Willow/Tara, military
Buffyverse (S8), Dracula/Xander, International Talk-like-a-Pirate Day
Buffy, Spike/Buffy, Season 6, Buffy dreams she's on trial for domestic abuse
Buffy, Spike/Xander, on the relationship of Dom/Brian (The Fast and the Furious)
Buffy:TVS, Xander/Buffy, first look under the patch
Buffy, Spike/Dawn, How could you embarrass me like that
Buffy, Spike/Buffy, You're what?
Buffy, Anya/Giles, I like seeing you like this
Buffy, Buffy/Spike, And here I thought there wasn't anything we hadn't tried already

Comics/Graphic Novels/Manga/Anime
Godchild, Cain/Riff, feel
Marvel Comics, Steve/Thor, immortality
One Piece, Zoro/Sanji, no pain, no gain
Fushigi Yuugi, Amiboshi/Suboshi, don't forget me
DCU; Tim Drake (Robin III)/ Jaime Reyes (Blue Beetle III); the things we've lost
Street Fighter, Ken/Ryu, martial arts class
DCU; Tim Drake (Robin III)/Bernard Dowd; a date in the park at sunset
DCU; Tim Drake (Robin III)/ Bernard Dowd; snuggling
Titans, Roy Harper/Dick Grayson, first argument and subsequent make-up
DCU; Tim Drake (Robin III)/ Zachary Zatara; "Are you stealing the champagne again, Zat?"
Batman, Dick/Tim, "Why am I always the goddamned Boy Hostage!?!"
DCU, Dick Grayson/Pre-Crisis Jason Todd, red-head fetish
DCU, Mia Dearden/Tim Drake, "it's not being a bitch to tell you that you're kind of an ass."
DCU, Girl!Tim/Owen, Poison Ivy really got you this time, didn't she?
DCU, Dick/Jason, Protecting
DCU, Roy (Red Arrow)/Dick (Bats), "So, you're the new Batman"
DCU, Dick/Tim, death's a mean son of a bitch
DCU, Dick/anyone, the circus doesn't feel like home anymore
Avatar: the last airbender, Azula/Ty Lee, losing control
DCU, Jason Todd/Dick Grayson (Red Rain Earth), life after vamp!Batman

Bones, Hodgins/Angela, "Say Anything"
Criminal Minds, Morgan/Reid, "You got me a puppy?"
Law & Order: CI, Goren/Eames, aural sex
NCIS, Tony/Gibbs, Looking for something?
NCIS, Gibbs/DiNozzo, crisp white sheets
NCIS, Gibbs/DiNozzo, buttersoft leather
NCIS, Dom!Gibbs/sub!DiNozzo/Dom!Abs, sit back and relax
NCIS, Gibbs/DiNozzo, soap suds
NCIS, Gibbs/DiNozzo, Leverage (just one of the perks)
Veronica Mars, Veronica/girl!Logan, "we both loved Lilly"
Veronica Mars, Veronica/Logan, We need to talk
Veronica Mars, Logan/Veronica, Starting over
Veronica Mars, Veronica/Logan, rug burns
Veronica Mars, Veronica/Logan, Don't move

The Covenant
The Covenant, Pogue Parry/Tyler Simms, tongue

Dr Horrible’s Singalong Blog
Dr. Horrible, Billy/Penny, AU Comfy oversized chair and afternoon naps.

Blood Ties, Henry/Mike, wrong volunteer/tainted blood
Harry Potter, Harry/Neville, wasting
Harry Potter, Harry Potter/Cedric, under the stairway
Harry Potter, Harry/Hermione, Always
Harry Potter, Sirius/Lily, liquid courage
Legend of the Seeker, Kahlan/Richard, Clara
LOTR, Aragorn/Eomer/Eowyn, reins
LOTR, Legolas/Aragorn, responsibility
Pushing Daisies, Olive, Idun's apples

Fast & The Furious
Fast and Furious (film 4), Brian/Dom, 'you should grow your hair out again'
The Fast and the Furious (film 1), Brian/Dom, a ten-second car and a pretty boy

Heroes, author's choice, orgy
Heroes, Matt/Mohinder, sharing the blame
Heroes, Sylar/Mohinder, fumes in the lab
Heroes, Sylar/Luke, teenage pot use and bullshit statistics
Heroes, author's choice/author's choice, everything is Peter's fault
Heroes, Micah/Molly, hide and seek
Heroes, Nathan/Hiro, using touch to communicate
Heroes, Maya/Peter, too stupid to live
Heroes, Peter/Maya, bullet wounds
Heroes, Sylar/Luke, a little green...
Heroes, Nathan/Peter, weightless
Heroes, Daniel Linderman/Angela Petrelli, "The night you can't remember, the night I can't forget."
Heroes, Niki/Tracy, we could help each other
Heroes, werewolf!Mohinder/Sylar, unlikely cures
Heroes, Sylar/Danko, "Who are we hunting?" "No one, I just like the music here. Let's dance."
Heroes, Mohinder/any male character, "We're getting gay married, and I am not wearing this dress!"
Heroes, Matt/Adam, watching Alias
Heroes, Sylar/Luke, drive in movie
Heroes, Mohinder/Sylar, "This is a gay bar? I had no idea!"
Heroes, Peter/Claire/Future!Peter/Future!Claire, "Um, I don't know what just happened, but if that's me, then I scare me."
Heroes, Sylar/Peter, cynical
Heroes, Peter/Nathan, "Wait... You weren't actually drunk!"
Heroes, Claire/Elle, birthday cake
Heroes, Sylar/Mohinder, with opera music in the background
Heroes, Matt/Mohinder, sinful

House, House/Wilson, a step forward
House, House/Wilson, pain
House, House/Wilson, Serenity

Leverage, author's choice, Parker turns into a ceramic cat
Leverage, Eliot/Hardison, tourist traps
Leverage, Hardison/Parker, Parker puts Hardison in one of her harnesses (which, unexpectedly, turns to foreplay), but then Parker is urgently called away, leaving Hardison hard and hanging
Leverage, Eliot/team, birthday
Leverage, Nate/Eliot, "Funny how whiskey tastes like regret" "It's why you should stop drinkin' it"
Leverage, Eliot/Nate, he can't believe Nate called him back for a second job!
Leverage, Hardison/Parker/Eliot, her special happy place
Leverage, author's choice, Parker leaves a different gift on everyone's desk
Leverage, Nate/Eliot, skin silk and scars
Leverage, Hardison, Watching the office surveillance-cameras
Leverage, de-aged!Eliot/Nate/Maggie, getting even with Maggie
Leverage, Eliot, Eliot's first knife
Leverage, de-aged!Eliot/Nate, theme park
Leverage, de-aged!Eliot/Nate, frustrated
Leverage, de-aged!Eliot/Nate, broken toys
Leverage, de-aged!Nate/werewolf!Eliot, why me?
Leverage, (pre-series) wee!Eliot, what can I call my own (that you can't take away)
Leverage, Eliot/golem!El/Nate, joy: noun - the emotion of great delight or happiness caused by something exceptionally good or satisfying

Leverage Crossovers
SPN/Leverage, angel!Eliot/Castiel/author's choice, "But our orders..." "You're old enough now not to be so naive..."
SPN/Leverage, Castiel/Dean/angel!Eliot, "I ain't on the party line, son."

RPS/Leverage, Steve Carlson/Eliot Spencer, maybe better than the real thing
Leverage/RPS, Chris/Steve/Eliot, handcuffs
rps/leverage, goth!boy/were!nate, shelter from the storm
RPS/Leverage, Goth!Chris/Goth!Steve/Were!Nate, Thunderstorm

Leverage/AtS, Eliot/Lindsey, you're beautiful

Leverage/RPS/AtS, Eliot/Chris/Lindsey, mini!triplets watching cartoons
Leverage/RPS/AtS, Eliot/Chris/Lindsey, the best prank they ever pulled

Leverage/NCIS, Eliot/Abby, drinks with the team

Leverage/Magnificent Seven
Leverage/Magnificent Seven, Parker/ATF!Vin, touches in the dark

Leverage/X-Men, Eliot Spencer/Remy LeBeau, "So... what else are you good at?"

Strachey Mysteries, Donald/Timmy, practice for the real thing
Ugly Betty, Betty/Daniel, in a different world
Xmen, Kurt Wagner/author's choice, but that will get my fur all sticky.
X-Men, Iceman/Pyro(Bobby/John), "Have I ever told you how much I hate Valentines day?"
X-Men, Pyro/Iceman(John/Bobby), alcohol and fire
X-Men, Remy/Logan, what melts Logan's heart (well, as much as Logan's heart melts)
X-Men Origins: Wolverine, Logan/Remy, "Je vais vous lécher dans ma bouche jusqu'à ce que vous venez un millier de fois." (Trans: "I'm gonna lick you until you come in my mouth a thousand times")
X-Men, Pyro/Iceman, Xavier's office
X-men, Remy LeBeau/Jubilee, safe-cracking
X-Men, wee!Remy&Logan, NOT a typical day at the office.
X-Men, female!Logan/Remy, better uses for chocolate
X-Men, wee!Remy/Logan, laughter and tears
X-Men, Logan/Remy, the night is cold but you are so warm
X-Men, Remy/Logan/Bobby, after a fight (after the fall)
X-Men, Wee!Remy/Logan, sugar coated strawberries
Final Fantasy VII, Cloud & Zack, Dating advice from the lifestream
FFVII, Cloud/Tifa: mako's effects on pheromones
Power Rangers SPD, Syd/Z, Powers

Merlin, Gwen/Morgana, swimming lessons
Merlin, Arthur/Merlin, cryogenics
Merlin, Merlin/Arthur, future!dark!AU: times like these...
Merlin, girl!Merlin/Arthur, "wait, what I meant was..."

Primeval, dom!Connor/sub!Becker, first time Becker realised he liked taking orders in the bedroom as well as in the field

Stargate SG-1, Cam/Daniel/Teal'c, bound
Stargate SG1, Jack/Robot!Jack, Bring it on flyboy
SG1, Cameron/Teal'c, firestorm
SG-1, Jack/Daniel, com slip up "yeah well, at least you're in a good hiding spot, this storage closet is smaller than ours at the cabin"
SG-1, Jack/Daniel, Evolution ep tag (Spanish)
SG-1, Jack/Daniel, "Pay attention to the ..."
SG1, Jack/Daniel, "what the hell is in this drink?"
SGA, Vegas!John/Vegas!Todd, hunger
SGA, Sam/Rodney, Slave for a day
SG1/SGA, Cam/John, the old west
SG-1, Jack/Daniel, memory of trees

Supernatural, Sam/Dean, superstitious
SPN, Harry/Ed, awkward
Supernatural, Sam/Dean, "of all the crazy things..."
SPN, Sam/Dean, witches
SPN, Sam/Dean, Cheese
Supernatural, Dean/Pamela Barnes, afterlife
SPN, John/Mary, do I dazzle you?
Supernatural, Mary/John, Holding on to what you've got
Supernatural, Anna & Pastor Jim, normal
SPN, Sam/Dean (ep 4.17), not all of Sam's dreams were of bad things....
SPN, demon!Sam/evil!Dean, making nightmares come true
SPN, John/Bobby, Rory/Dean lookalike Sam (Gilmore Girls)
Supernatural, Sam/Dean, haunted pub
Supernatural, Dean/Castiel, That would so be my superpower
Supernatural, Dean/Castiel, Led Zepplin
SPN, Sam/guest-star-from-4.19, because wincest is part of the family business
Supernatural, Castiel, serving heaven
SPN, Dean/Author's Choice, The first time Dean tortured in Hell
SPN, Sam/Dean, first time.
Supernatural, Dean/Castiel, Peanut M&Ms
SPN, Sam/Dean, sweet cherry pie.
Supernatural, Sam/17-years-old!Dean, pie vs. Sex
Supernatural, Bela/author's choice, sometimes it's just a good day
SPN, Dean/Castiel, so you know what joy is?
Supernatural, dean, working a regular 9-5 job after the apocolypse is over
Supernatural, Sam/Dean (or just Sam & Dean), Pixies set loose in a lawyers office
Supernatural, Ruby/Lilith, masterplan
Supernatural, Mary, Mary as a young hunter
Supernatural, Ruby/Dean, blood
SPN, John/author's choice, hunt goes wrong
Supernatural, Dean/Sam, clothespins & payback
Supernatural, Ellen/Castiel, she's an angel and he didn't know
Supernatural, Castiel & Pamela Barnes, an apology
Supernatural, Dean & Kitten-or-Cat!Sam, the impala is NOT a scratching post
SPN, Sam/Dean, Black Betty
SPN, Dean/Castiel, Angel IS watching over you
Supernatural, Castiel/Dean, A dream Dean will never remember
Supernatural, Dean/anyone, arguing over the show Leverage
Supernatural, Ghostfacers, Buffy Breaks (like coffee breaks with more vampires)
Supernatural, Dean/Castiel, heaven can't help you if you go faster than Angels fly
Supernatural, Sam/Dean, drunken kiss
Supernatural, Werewolf!Dean/Vampire!Sam, the problem of kissing(with fangs)
Supernatural, Dean Smith/Sam Wesson, appropariate work attitude
SPN, John/Mary, silk scarf
Supernatural, Dean Smith/Sam Wesson, "Well *you're* the one with the office..."
Supernatural, Dean Smith/Sam Wesson, how the hell do you get health care coverage when your job is hunting monsters?
SPN, girl!Dean/Sam, "we're gonna do this my way"
SPN, Sam/Pamela, naughty boy
Supernatural, Bela/Jo, hunters are all socially inept psychopaths
Supernatural, Castiel & Any Roman God(dess)es, rookie religion
Supernatural, Dean/Castiel, In a previous life Dean comes up against a demon and prays for guidance
SPN, Castiel/John, peace
SPN, Sam/Dean, Pegasus

Supernatural Crossovers

AtS/SPN, Lindsey/Lawyer!Sam, evil hand
Supernatural/Angel, Alistair/Angel, replaceable
Angel/Supernatural, Angel/Ruby (can be v1.0 or 2.0), unexpected
Supernatural/Angel, Dean/Lindsey, cocky
SPN/AtS, Dean/Lindsey/Lilith!Eve, "you can't have him, bitch"
AtS/SPN, Lindsey/Dean, curse involving cute fluffy forest creatures

BTVS/SPN, Spike/Dean, The Sex Pistols
Supernatural/BtVS, Dean/Buffy, Vampires
Supernatural/BtVS, Dean/Buffy, Icky Things
BtVS/SPN, Faith/Dean, control

SPN/RPS, Ruby 2.0/Genevieve Cortez, you didn't think it was all pretend, did you?
Supernatural/RPS, succubus!Steve/Dean Winchester, just a taste

SPN/Heroes, Dean/Sylar, what sort of demon are you?

Supernatural/Firefly, Bela/Inara, lie with me
SPN/Firefly, Sam/River, riddles

SPN/Twilight, Dean/Sam/Edward Cullen, Me or them

Dr. Who/Supernatural, Ten/Sam/Dean, Duty and destiny
Supernatural/Stargate: SG-1, Dean/Teal'c, Magic fingers
Supernatural/Leverage/AtS, any combination of Dean/Sam/Eliot/Hardison/Spike/Wesley (X-over not necessary), they show up at the gingerbread house from "Hansel and Gretel"

RPS, Jared/Steve, new song
RPS, Chris/Jared, So many times I've been alone, I didn't know what to do (You're The Reason, Krystal)
RPS, Jensen/Jared, nightmare (can't shake something that happened on set)
CWRPS, Jensen/Misha, Jealous
CWRPS, goth!verse-Mike &/ Tom, plans for world domination need more sugar...and rubber bands
RPS, goth-verse!Mikey/author's choice, pixie stix
RPS, Jensen/Jared, skittles
CWRPS, Jared/Misha, you taste like sugar
CWRPS, Jared/Jensen, feels like falling for the first time
RPS, Jared/Jensen, onset - using Bobby's desk
Rps, Dom!Jensen/sub!Jared, A bar to show you up
RPS, author's choice/author's choice, sleeping in the Impala
RPS, Jensen/Jared, raiding the secret stash.
RPS, Jared/Misha, chocolate.

Kane RPS
RPS, Chris/Steve, 1408
Kane RPS, Chris/Steve, 'You've Got a Friend in Me' (Randy Newman/Toy Story OST)
RPS, Goth!Chris/Goth!Steve, watching you dream
RPS, Steve Carlson/author's choice, "When I hear music, I just can't make my feet behave"
RPS, Spy!Steve/Linguist!Chris, I trust you
RPS, Spy!Steve/Linguist!Chris, comfort
RPS, Chris/Steve, singing in the shower
RPS, Chris/Steve, puppy
Kane RPS, kitten!Chris/vampire!Steve, "So, how old are you, anyway?"
RPS, pirate!Kane/merchant!Carlson, count it
RPS, Goth!Chris/Goth!Steve, Strawberries and Baileys
RPS, Pregnant!Chris (or just had baby!chris)/Steve, Wonder of My World
RPS, Chris/Steve, coming to Portland just to see you
RPS, stoned!steve/chris, more than a little ticklish

Lotrips, Viggo/Karl, smoking pot

Misc RPS
Heroes RPS, Greg/Sendhil, subtext
Heroes RPS, Adrian/Milo, pre-interview nerves
RPS, JDM/author's choice, taking a ride on his bike
Wolverine RPS, Hugh/Taylor, the sound of your laugh (I feel it in my bones)

Misc RPF
RPF, Jared/Eliza(Dushku), beautiful smile

RPS Crossovers
Dollhouse/RPS, handler!Hugh/doll!Tyler, You taste funny!

RPS/Firefly, crazy pilot!Pauley Perrette/author's choice, "My cockpit, my rules, and don't you ruttin' argue with me"
Firefly/RPS, Inara/Pirate!Cane, I am stronger than you
RPF/Firefly, medic!Sam/author's choice, Sit your ass down, boy!
RPF/Firefly, pilot!Pauley/author's choice, Waltzing in combat boots

Buffyverse/Twilight, Xander & Edward, "Sparkliness isn't a Get out of being staked free card!"

Merlin/Firefly, companion!Merlin/captain!Arthur, Still flying
Firefly/Merlin, companion!Merlin/author's choice, first time on board
Wolverine: Origins/Firefly, Logan/Author's choice, he may not remember much, but he remembers his ship
Wolverine: Origins/Firefly, Logan/Remy, of all the ships in all the 'verse...

Castle/NCIS, Castle/Tony, everything Castle writes, down to the minute details of clothing choices and hair fibers, is coming true/being revealed in the case of a dead naval officer(Castle's not-yet-released, in progress book)
NCIS/Magnificent Seven, Abby/ATF!Ezra, FBI
NCIS/Magnificent Seven, Abby/ATF!Ezra, perfume/aftershave.
NCIS/Magnificent Seven, Abby/ATF!Ezra, laughter

Misc Crossovers
Prison Break/Battlestar Galactica, T-Bag/Gaius Baltar, author's choice
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