Amara (ravensword) wrote in comment_fic,

Adopt a Lonely Prompt Weekend Challenge

Here we are again at the second weekend of the month, and that means your semi-monthly contest!

Today and tomorrow, any prompts listed will count, as long as you comment here and list them. Remember that this is only for the contest, you only have to list lonely prompts that you've written since midnight PST through 11:59 PST tomorrow.

A few small house keeping notes:

During the week there is no need to "claim" a prompt that you like. Anyone can write any prompt, and more than one response to any prompt is always welcome.

Likewise, those prompts that seem to be left behind for a specific person, within some existing verse? Those are not sacred, anyone can write them with your own take on them.

So...go forth and write, ya'll. I want to see lots and lots of lonely prompts find a little bit of love!
Tags: !lonely prompts

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